Plenty of great cannabis strains have a Short Flowering Time Medical cannabis seeds. We’re talking about the Northern Light Autoflower, Early Miss Autoflower, Train Wreck Autoflower, Revolver Autoflower, Lowryder Autoflower, and more!

These cannabis plants are engineered to produce their flowers in the shortest period possible. Most of them can go from seed to harvest in as little as 6-7 weeks!

Tips for growing cannabis seeds with a short flower time

Aside from selecting the best strain of cannabis to grow, knowing some techniques to speed up the process will really help. Some Indica strains have a short flower time by default, while most Sativa strains take a longer time.

  • Consider using other growing methods that will help speed up the growing process
  • Adjust the lighting by giving them more light during the vegetative period and less light during the early flowering phase
  • Pollinate your buds the week before your harvesting period to improve maturity in the final blooming week