Marijuana seeds Finland

Looking to buy high quality marijuana seeds in Finland? With guaranteed delivery  anywhere in Finland?

Finland has no laws for ordering marijuana seeds.

Marijuana seeds are actually legal to own in Finland.

We will send you your favorite marijuana seed by registered mail and we guarantee our delivery.

Guaranteed delivery of cannabis seeds in Finland

Finland loves marijuana and we agree with most Finnish people: Finland should legalize the use and cultivation of marijuana.

The government in Finland is slowly getting there, laws have become more relaxed for home growers and medical marijuana users.

If you are a home grower for personal use we are very happy to supply you with the best marijuana seeds available for Finland.

Over 100 different types of marijuana seeds!

It can be hard to choose your favorite strain amongst 100 delicious varieties

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Marijuana growing in Finland

Outdoor growing in Finland can be a challenge due to the climate, if you grow outside go for the indica strains. 

Finland is right in the middle of what we call the indica zone.

Auto flowering seeds could be another great option for outdoor growing.

When growing indoors: you can choose any of our great seeds.

We recommend feminized seeds for easy growing.

Order your marijuana seeds for Finland and start growing your own happy plants.

Marijuana seeds Finland – great customer experience

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