Marijuana seeds Australia

Are you looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds in Australia? No need to look any further: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) has the best seed bank which delivers to Australia. Buying marijuana seeds in Australia was never easier. No matter in which region you live, if you are a surfer from the Gold Coast or live in lands with no water in sight; our weed seeds reach all of Australia.

Marijuana in Australia

Do you want to get your marijuana to Australia? Use With over 120 different strains we are the biggest and best marijuana seed band which also ships to Australia. We got the biggest assortment of high quality marijuana and cannabis seeds. Being in the marijuana capitol of the world - Amsterdam - we are surrounded by the best Dutch growers.

Medical cannabis Australia

Want to grow your own medical cannabis in Australia? With the medical marijuana seeds from AMS, you grow your cannabis in Australia. No more need to buy weed online or go to the doctor for a subscription. With our weeds seeds, you grow your own medicine. Our medical cannabis which we send to Australia has different uses, so look for the seeds which fit you best.

Different cannabis seeds Australia

Although all our seeds are different, we were able to divide them into a few different categories. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you can buy: medical marijuana for Australia, indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, feminized seeds, Sativa seeds and Indica seeds. Sativa seeds are great for growing outdoors. In fact: the climate for growing medical cannabis in Australia but also other Australia marijuana is excellent. Every strain will grow here.

Australia weed

With the cannabis seeds from AMS delivered to Australia, you can grow your own Australia weed. Land of sunshine, which is very useful to grow your cannabis to it’s full potential. You can use our Grow Guide for finding out which strains will suit you best. Also, factors like soil, fertilizer, ventilation and the earlier mentioned light are very important for growing the best crop.

The best marijuana seeds for sale in Australia

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds started over 15 years ago. We want to share our passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm with you: our customer. Dutch are not only passionate smokers but also very good breeders. Over the years we improved our weed seeds (also available in Australia) and gained a lot of experience. Therefore, our seeds are even better than when we started out. And what we are finding out now, is the Australians are very passionate breeders as well.

Discreet packaging of your seeds

We ship all of our seeds to Australia in stealth, discreet packaging. Because not your neighbor nor the mailman needs to know what you just bought. Even your billing and payment in anonymous. So if you want to grow your own Australia weed without anybody knowing, you should order online at AMS.

Legal medical cannabis Australia

Since the beginning of 2016 medicinal cannabis is on it’s way to get legal in Australia. In the next year, the first patients will be able to use medical marijuana in Australia. But recreational cannabis use is still illegal. Do you want to use medical marijuana in Australia without a doctor's prescription? Then the way to go is to order seeds of cannabis online and let us ship them to Australia.

100% delivery rate for seed Australia

AMS has a 100% delivery guarantee for seed send to Australia. Our discretely wrapped marijuana seeds will be send to Australia with registered mail. We will make sure you will receive your marijuana in Australia in about 14 working days. We will shop your seed to Australia as soon as we have received your payment. You will receive track and trace information, so you can follow your cannabis seeds on their way to Australia.

Aussie Blues seed Australia

Especially for Australia, we developed Aussie Blues. This is a blue haze crossing, with it’s mother being an Australian Bush. It’s perfect to grow in the warm climate of Australia. Aussie Blues has a THC level up to 20% and has a delicious lemony flavor. This Australia marijuana will grow best in the Australian climate, so be sure to order some seeds.

Buy seeds online Australia

Order your marijuana online Australia and do this at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Why? You need the best quality cannabis or marijuana seed Australia, to get the strongest, most flavorful plants with big buts. Without good seeds, your harvest will not be that impressive.

Cheap seed Australia

Whether you are looking to buy medical cannabis Australia or regular marijuana seeds Australia, we have what you are looking for. Browse our giant catalog and don’t forget to have a look at our extra cheap seed Australia. We have regular marijuana Australia sales, where you get 10 + 10 seeds free. Looking for the best marijuana seeds for sale in Australia? When you sign up for our newsletter, you will get our discount delivered in your mailbox.

Review our medical marijuana Australia

AMS has a worldwide shipping policy. We want you to be happy, where ever you live in the world. Customer service is important, and your reviews let us know if we are doing a good job. Do you want to tell others about your experience with your cannabis Australia from AMS? Please leave a review on the independent review website Kiyoh. Like Stephen Kerr from Tanawha, Queensland: “Was impressed with the discreet, fast and prompt delivery of the seeds.”

Contact us with your questions about our seed Australia

Do you have a question about our cannabis seeds Australia, the best time to grow or our medical cannabis Australia? Please contact us. Our customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can send us an email or call. 

Popular at AMS

At AMS we have got more than 120 different kinds of cannabis seeds. Our Rainbow Kush is very popular, just like our range of cheap seeds.

Marijuana seeds in Australia straight from Amsterdam marijuana seeds.

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Marijuana seeds in Australia straight from Amsterdammarijuana seeds.