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Indica Cannabis seeds

Looking to get stoned? Feel your worries melt away with these strong cannabis Indica strains. Indica cannabis is famous for providing full-body relaxation. Expect feelings of euphoria and happiness, accompanied by strong pain relief and soothing tranquility, decompressing every inch of your body. These cannabis strains are preferred for evening consumption, but not every Indica strain will keep you stuck "in da couch", many of our cannabis Indica strains provide relaxation without couch lock. Indica strains tend to be a favorite for indoor growing because of shorter flowering times and plant height.

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1 Results

When you think of pure cannabis strains, we are certain that what come to mind are the words Indica and Sativa. Both strains are the origin seeds, the master landrace of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis as a versatile plant grew out of these two strains, growing out in different parts of the world and often used for different purposes. Although the Sativa was the first known cannabis strain, the Indica has become widely accepted for its industrial use abilities and its medicinal potency.

The Indica has been a true strain favorite for many cannabis enthusiasts for ages. Both for recreational and medical, Sativa offers quality. The stout, broad-leaf plant is thought to deliver strong sedating effects and it is ever more renowned for its full-body effects, characterized by heavy limbs or a tingly face. The Indica is the perfect nightcap.

Some of the most notable effects of this strain include a relaxed feeling, couch euphoria, happy, and sedative experiences. Many have described its terpene profile as earthy and woody.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we have some of the most enduring marijuana Indica seeds for cannabis enthusiasts looking to grow their own pot.

Thinking of planting weed Indica seeds? We have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the process of finding the right black Indica seeds and getting you started on the process of growing out your own plant.

Indica Seeds Origin

Indica – of Greek and Latin, loosely translated to “of India”, is an apt description of where Lamarck first discovered the plant. French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, the first European botanist credited to have classified this type of Cannabis plant in 1785, owing to the fact that he received his samples from India, dubbed the plant; Cannabis Indica in recognition of that fact.

Today, the true origins of the plant have been discovered to be Afghanistan, and the Hindu Kush mountain ranges spread across the Indo-Asia region of Pakistan and India.

Cannabis Indica was first used for its strong fiber to make ropes and clothes, and recreationally as the main ingredient for Charas a form of Hashish.

The strain is thought to possess very high THC content and would often produce a body-centered effect that is relaxing and sedative. Indica strains are great for both recreational and medicinal uses. The plant is the perfect nightcap after a long day.

From its first landing in North America, the Indica strain became popular for its high THC content and was favored by many stoners of the 70’s. Unlike the Sativa that isn’t as inducing, the Indica was a particularly favored feature in the reefer days of the seventies.

For Whom are Indica Weed Seeds ideally?

Because of the versatile nature of the plant, the Indica strain has found company and use amongst recreational users and people who use cannabis as medicine. As a recreational herb, the high THC content makes it the perfect choice for individuals looking for that couch-hugging high.

The strain is able to produce plants with very high THC in the ranges of over 25%, making it the go to strain for the stoner. But, the strain doesn’t just benefit stoners alone. The high THC content allows it to also offer plenty of medicinal value.

Indica strain is ideal for all categories of farmers. Because of its sturdy, short structure, the plant is able to survive indoors or outdoors, producing broad dark-green leaves and very dense, full buds. The Indica strain is very resilient and can survive harsh conditions better than its rival the Sativa.

How to Grow Indica Seeds

The mountain regions of Indo-Asia which are the natural habitat of the Indica strain are not the best of environments for plant species to thrive. The often cold, extreme temperature has most times limited the growth of plant species but not the Indica. The Cannabis Indica survived in the wild in these conditions and ‘till today, it carries the same resilience as of old.

The Indica strain by nature is a very rugged strain. Surviving extreme temperature, mishandling and poor environmental factors, flourishing through it all to produce large resinous buds. The plant can take a beating and still come out fine. This key characteristic makes it the ideal strain for beginner farmers.

The Indica can be planted indoors or outdoors but most often, it is the preferred strain for farming weed indoors due to its short and sturdy structure.

The physical structure of the plant allows the farmer to gain more yield with smaller spaces. And more when we have feminized Indica seeds, the plant harvest are usually bountiful and are often the best value for money.

To plant any cannabis seed including cannabis Indica seeds, they are a few factors to consider. The factors are water, temperature (humidity) and lighting. Get these three right and you can be sure of a good harvest.

Sativa vs Indica Seeds: What’s the difference?

Like two peas in a pod, these strains from the same genus have always been at a loggerhead. Many have questioned the variations in physical structure, effects, and benefits of both strains. Although they share the same genetic source, the Sativa and the Indica are as different as two non-identical twins. Below are some of the ways both plants differ from each other:

Physical Structure: While the Sativa is characterized by long stems with thin leaves, the Indica is short, sturdy with broad leaves. The Indica strain is dark-green with full resinous buds; the Sativa on the other hand is a lighter shade of green with less dense buds.

Effects: Sativa produces an uplifting mind high that helps focus and concentrate. The Indica is particularly favored for its couch-hugging high and sedative experiences.

THC Content: Undoubtedly, the Indica strain produces more THC content naturally than the Sativa strain. Although now, due to advancements in the genetics culture, leading labs and seedbanks like us are creating Sativa strains that can match the Indica’s THC content, pound for pound.

Best Cannabis Indica seeds strains

There are many Indica seed strains to try, many of which you may already be familiar with, but these are some of the best there is, that the Indica strain has to offer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do i buy indica cannabis seeds?

You can buy Indica cannabis seeds online on the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds website. Offering more than 110 Indica strains in our assortment, you will get some of the most unique seed packs in the world. We offer free worldwide shipping so each customer can have a taste of what Indica beans we have to offer.

How to tell the difference between indica and sativa seeds?

It’s impossible to see the difference between Indica and Sativa from the seeds. The best way to go about that is by looking for the right category as you shop for the seeds. Reputable brands such as AMS have categorized their beans to make choosing easier. After germinating Indica seeds, the plants are short with broad leaves while Sativas are tall with slender leaves.

Who has the best indica seeds?

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has an excellent collection! We have a wide assortment of more than 100 Indica varieties and we only ship fresh seeds that bring the germination guarantee to 90%. Our website also has educational pieces to make germinating Indica and any other seeds easy to make sprouting seamless.

Where can i buy indica cannabis seeds?

You can buy Indica cannabis seeds on We have an entire special category for Indica seeds which narrows searching even further. We discreetly ship cannabis seeds worldwide in crushproof envelopes, which means your Indica seeds reach you in perfect shape and freshness. We pride ourselves in offering a germination guarantee for the seeds, too.

How to germinate lagerstroemia indica seeds?

To germinate lagerstroemia indica seeds, begin by soaking them in lukewarm water for 24 hours. Next, put the seeds in a freezer bag and place them in a fridge. Keep checking the seeds to ensure that they aren’t waterlogged or dried out. After 30 days, the lagerstroemia indica seeds will have germinated.

Who sells indica seeds?

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we pride ourselves in selling the highest-quality Indica seeds and shipping them worldwide for free. Not only that, we sell more than 100 Indica seed varieties, which allows buyers to choose those that fit them the most. Growers have high germination chances with our Indica seeds when they follow our comprehensive grow guide.

Where can i find indica cannabis seeds?

You can find Indica cannabis seeds on online seed banks. However, you will need to ensure that you go for a reputable cannabis seed bank that offers a huge Indica seed selection. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the oldest Indica cannabis seed banks that has stood the test of time and quality.

Where to buy 100 indica seeds?

You can buy 100% Indica seeds from select online seed shops. Taking pride in being one of the best online seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has an ample selection of Indica seeds where you can buy 100 seeds of your preferred strains and even more.

Can you buy indica seeds?

You can buy Indica seeds provided you are of legal age and whether your country or state allows the buying of seeds. Different states have different laws and the legal age to buy Indica or any other cannabis seeds vary. If it’s legal for you, then the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company will dedicatedly sell you Indica seeds.