Ever hear OG’s talk about how weed used to be less strong back in the day? Well, it’s true. In the 60’s cannabis strains rarely had more than 5% THC. If you long for those more mild highs, Low THC Hybrid Cannabis Seeds are the right solution for you! These seeds grow cannabis plants that are low in THC levels, like the good ol days! A low THC offers a more balanced mild high effect. These plants are also great for new smokers, as the high is easier to handle.

Low THC Hybrid Cannabis Seeds develop a cannabis plant that contains THC levels not more than 13%. This is perfect to soothe pain, provide total relaxation, and a rejuvenating sleep for a well-rested body and mind.

In addition to this, cannabis strains with low THC levels are perfect for daytime consumption.So you can feel that light high and still go along with your day! These types of cannabis do not have a “couch-lock” effect but provide a decent amount of CBD levels.

Benefits of Low THC Strains

There are various cannabis strains with low THC levels. These strains offer unique benefits:

  • They have high CBD and low THC composition is perfect for daily comfort and ease
  • They are ideal for beginners and smokers used to milder strains
  • They relieve pain while also giving a pleasant high