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High THC Seeds

Warning: Heavy Hitters Only. Forget Space X, if you want to reach space, we've got everything you need. If you're all about that sticky-icky, theses cannabis strains will produce heavy buds with more crystals than a new age shop. These high THC seeds will blow you away. Go from 0 to 10 in 60 seconds. Not for casual smokers. Take a look around the selection of our AMS Seedbank.

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What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the derivatives of the cannabis plant. The substance is by far the most popular but unfortunately, it is the most regulated. THC is highly therapeutic but for its tendency to cause a mental high.

The psychotropic nature of THC is behind the seeming stigma surrounding the use of marijuana medically and recreationally.

THC can cause psychotropic reactions, no doubt. But that has not stopped individuals who still revere it for its rich qualities and benefits from using it. For these ones and others who would like to try out THC, we offer the best seeds with the highest THC levels.

High THC Seeds for Sale

THC brings a good deal of medicinal and recreational value to the table and if you are looking for where to buy high THC seed strains, then Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is the best place to buy.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we let others experience the uplifting power of THC coming from our seeds. Our high THC content strains are some of the most stable, and the best you can find in any part of the world. With an extensive catalog of high THC seeds strain that meets the demands of both cannabis hobbyists and commercial farmers, we are the number 1 spot for sources of high THC content strains in the world.

If you are looking to buy high THC content strains, you would find some of the best deals and bargains on the AMS website. We have high THC seeds for sale and if that is not what you desire, we have a full catalog of autoflowering weed seeds, feminized marijuana seeds and all other types of cannabis seeds including Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains.

To purchase your weed seeds online from AMS, visit our website here and follow the checkout process after making your purchase.

What are High THC Level Strains?

Although there is no worldwide common rule of grading THC, we have established ours in a way that is simple and easy to follow. We grade THC rich strains along 3 distinct categories; high, medium, and low. Our approach is simple... for any cannabis seeds with 1-9% THC; we refer to them as low THC seeds, between 10 and 19% THC as medium THC seeds, and 20 - 30% THC or more as high THC seeds.

In this vein, THC high strains are marijuana seed strains that contain an excess of 20 - 30% THC content in the particular strain.

Popular High THC Seeds

High THC strains are a marvel. They produce some of the most intense effects and are noted for their revealing nature. These strains aren’t for everyone, especially newbies to marijuana, but if you think you've got what it takes, then we recommend you try some of these most popular strains that are worth every dang of your bucks.

  1. Gorgonzola: This feminized Sativa hybrid strain is a high yielding and exhilarating high THC strain, reaching THC content levels of about 28%. The buds are hard and firm, and this makes them quite resilient to diseases and infections. The plant is able to weather through unfriendly conditions to produce a yield that doesn’t disappoint in only 9 weeks.

The sturdy hybrid is a mix of two world famous strains; the Sour Diesel and Cheese strains, both known worldwide and wanted for their relaxed, happy effects that gently ease you into a blissful state of mind. The Gorgonzola fem is 25% Indica and 75% Sativa, and carries a strong and sour aroma with an earthy edge.

  1. AK47 XTRM AUTO: This autoflowering strain is a cross between the original AK 47 and our proprietary White Widow XTRM strain. The strain is an easy get-on for even the most novices of growers. The strain boasts of a 24% THC content and as characteristic of Sativa-dominant strains, the AK47 XTRM AUTO is mentally stimulating yet profoundly relaxed with a clearer sense of mental clarity.

The strain is ideal for growers of all levels. Because it is an autoflowering strain, there is no worry about the lighting schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is high THC?

Any marijuana strain containing between 20 - 30% THC levels can be considered as high. The rule of thumb (although not an explicit standard) is to rate cannabis seeds with 1-9% THC, as low THC seeds, those between 10 and 19% THC as medium THC seeds, and those between 20 - 30% THC or more as high THC seeds.

Is higher THC better?

Not always. Because THC affects the brain in a way to produce psychotropic effects in some people, the substance can lead to more adverse reactions than positives. Be that as it may, higher THC is able to also produce medically beneficial reactions and effects for pain relief, increased appetite and general relief from nausea and general effects from the symptoms of chemotherapy.

How does THC make you high?

THC causes your brain to release dopamine creating euphoria and it can also interfere with the normal functioning of the decision making process of your brain.

Does the difference in THC levels matter?

Simply put, yes. To a very great extent!

Is ams seeds legit

AMS seeds is one of the most legit cannabis seed banks selling high THC seeds. From the quality of the seeds to delivery, dealing with us is straightforward. Besides, we guarantee that the beans will sprout and exhibit the characteristics we have mentioned in our strain description tables.

See, different pot users consume cannabis for various reasons. If, for instance, you are hot-boxing cannabis, you will need to go for that high THC strain to get the ultimate unforgettable experience. The same case applies to that cannabis user who is struggling with chronic medical conditions - 20 - 30% THC will be more helpful in addressing such conditions as compared to low/medium THC strains.

Conversely, absolute beginners and amateur smokers would find it best to take low THC and medium THC grass, respectively. This makes them get their feet wet before going full force to hotbox extremely potent cannabis or even starting to address their chronic medical conditions.

What types of cannabis genetics can I find in this category?

You would find all of the cannabis genetics in this category but more often, the hybrids would feature more than others. If you are interested in high THC content strains, you would find that we have over 100 different strains in this category.