Since its introduction in 2013, Borderline XTRM Feminized has gained quite a huge reputation as one of the bestselling weeds of the cannabis industry. It might be a new kid on the block, but this strain is doing great financial numbers, thanks to its popularity among cannabis users. The secret of this new strain is in its plant features. It has a large volume, packing extra-fat buds and big harvest quota yields. This explains why many cannabis farmers are regularly growing it to meet the high demands placed by its high loyalists.

Borderliner Xtrm ® Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 50% / 50%
Yield 800+ gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
Effects Euphoric, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Earthy, Herbs, Spicy, Sweet

Borderline XTRM Feminized is a unique strain with a perfect Indica and Sativa ratio, as it packs just the exact same Indica component (50%) as the Sativa component (50%). This quality alone makes it the right strain for many cross breeders and cannabis enthusiasts who love to research the improvement techniques for many strains. In addition, the buds are vast and are not covered in enormous trichomes. So, next time you are lost in a cannabis field and need to identify this strain, watch out for exposed buds that are easily identified.

The family of the Borderline XTRM Feminized is shrouded in mystery; however, studies have emerged that it probably belongs to the Brazilian Amazonian family. In part, this explains its unique botanicals and terpenes composition. Specifically, the Borderline XTRM Feminized produces strains that have a THC average of about 24%. This falls roughly within the 20% -30% benchmark for cannabis strains often cultivated for recreational purposes. Therefore, commercialization is easy if you have prior knowledge of cannabis growing tips. Flowering time for this strain is fast, and the plant grows rapidly with thick stems and excellent quality.

Origin of the Borderline XTRM Feminized Seed

Borderline XTRM Feminized has a spectacular story describing its origin. Its heritage and eventual release in 2013 is a story of passion for cannabis in an expedition undertaken by Daan Brinkers. How do you understand this without knowing the Dann Bankers Cannabis Expedition Story? It all started on a sunny April about 30 years ago when Mr. Binkers, a legendary cannabis enthusiast, journeyed deep into Brazil in search of the Amoramius tribe. This tribe had minimal contact with modern civilization and was rumored to hold the secret to breeding a rare strain of cannabis –the Borderline strain.

Although this tribe was untraceable for years, Mr. Binkers too the difficult task of located them, and at first, they were hesitant to share this strain, but after learning of his intentions, they agreed. Mr. Binkers got this strain in exchange for a vow to keep it secret. Staying true to this vow, he kept this strain secret for many years until he decided to share it on his death bed while smoking his beloved Borderline strain. And here we are, sharing the Borderline XTRM Feminized strain with you! If you are a fan of quality weed, search no further.

The flavor of the Borderline XTRM Feminized

Borderline XTRM Feminized is considered a beloved strain for its classic flavors. The Indica-dominant strain is sweet, earthy, spicy with a whiff of herbal flavors. You would definitely feel at home with the aroma of its smoke too. Some users have also described its typical strong sour smell that gives you a solid stoned body. This strain is pretty new, and there are many stuffs to unravel about it; you can try it and tell us about the flavors that register with you first.

Effect of the Borderline XTRM Feminized

The Borderline XTRM Feminized had stayed true to its roots. That night when Mr. Binkers smoked this rare strain for the first time, the effects he described are what our users still get today. At the first trial, you can tell that this strain evokes a strangely powerful effect. This effect starts with a rush that launches you straight into the clouds and a stream of fuzzy happiness that courses through your veins. Your mind is elated, and you feel a touch of euphoria never before described.

The foggy bliss that follows is heavenly; it is so high that it completely steals your focus and leaves you couch-faced. If you are not an experienced smoker, you might want to pass on this one. Thanks to its high CBD components, you can decide to use this strain for other purposes.

The yield of the Borderline XTRM Feminized Seed

The legend of the Borderline XTRM Feminized strain also stretches to its yield. It has a large volume with high potency and fat buds. Harvest quotas have been described to be in excess of 70 grams per square meter indoor and about 900 grams per square meter outdoors. The growth rate is fast, and flowering can be noticed within 7 – 9 weeks of germination. You can increase your yield by following a few tricks from our cannabis growth guide.

Growing Conditions of the Borderline XTRM Feminized

This strain is quite easy to grow. As a beginner, all you need might need germination tricks to optimize your yield. After that, you can check our Marijuana Grow Guide to better understand the tweaks you need. It packs the properties of both Indica-dominated and Sativa-dominated strains and won't require much of your attention. After all, that is how it survived many years in the Brazilian amazon before Mr. Binkers brought it home. Simply ensure that your plant gets a sufficient supply of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Within a few weeks, you are sure to notice a bushy, tall plant rising gorgeously above the soil level.

Adequate spacing is also required to make sure the branches get exposed to light and air. You should have a plant with deep green leaves and orange hairs with a decadent layer of creamy trichomes if you do everything right. The stems appear thick, and it also comes with gorgeous hairy pistils. Borderline XTRM Feminized strain can grow up to 100cm indoors and about 250cm outdoors. Harvesting time can be around September and October. With its easy growing profile, you can be assured of success anytime you plant this strain. Just try it or any other similar strains in our seed bank. We highly recommended you give it a trial.  


Customer Reviews

Good Review by (Posted on 4/19/2022)
4 fem seeds gave - two very similar, one close to those and one completely individual. All veryyy nice. Ran with ax47 xtrm which has been stabilised (and shows) this maybe, hasn't, however no complaints with the variety
superb seeds. Review by Tomi (Posted on 1/28/2022)
every seed germinated.
nothing bad to say.
Excellent outdoor grower Review by Dankreggy (Posted on 10/5/2021)

I am growing outdoors at 42 degrees latitude, and the Borderline Xtreme is a compact yet huge yielding plant. It has proven very pest and disease resistant. However, I realized a flowering period of 12 weeks, which was well worth the wait. Highly recommended.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Happy Chappy (Posted on 3/25/2021)
Have tried many & in my 30yrs AMSis by far the best quick replies to all enquiries &their extreme range is top shelf-AM TRANCE & BORDERLINE are favs but not for beginners as high thc but great for my medical condition thanks to all.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by anonymous (Posted on 3/18/2021)
5 out of 5 borderliner xtreme fem sprouted in less than 48 hours
i also had 5 year old citril from them kept in fridge .5 out of 5 in less than 48 hrs.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Brian (Posted on 3/18/2021)
I last harvested a mixture of Bianca and Borderliner seeds grown in a suburban back yard in 400 m/m pots using Coco medium and nurtured with Canna nutrients.The results exceeded expectations as to the health and vitality of the plants.The resulting fruit yielded heads up to 250 m/m length and 40 m/m in width.
I have been a regular consumer of cannabis for over forty years and the THC level was/is quite satisfactory.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Alejandro (Posted on 3/12/2021)
Thank u for tha seeds love borderline fxtrem fast chiped and honest.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by anonymous (Posted on 3/1/2021)
I dont grow my seed yet but i like fast dilevery to finland and wehen i buy seed there is no problem at all. If you get more seeds like borderliner high thc% and xxxxl yield because i fucking love smoke good weed and i like to sell good weed whit low price im gonna order again god bless you all.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by milos (Posted on 3/1/2021)
this year i bought 90 borderliners,88 was germination.last year on 4th bord plants i had 3kg first class weed.I am from serbia and never needed more than five working days to get a letter to me.great supporte team and company..
Many thanks and keep up the good work Review by Anthony James Horrocks (Posted on 2/18/2021)
My name is Anthony and I purchased some Borderline Extreme seeds from you. I planted my seeds some 3 months ago, and of the 5 seeds, I have 1 healthy thriving plant. One seed failed to germinate and the other 3 were attacked and destroyed by slugs. I live on the Sunshine coast of Queensland Australia and the climate here borders on tropical, so I thought my plants would just go beserk. I have grown my own gear for quite a few years now, but this is the first time I thought I would buy some really good seed and experience some of the amazing variety of strains that you had on offer. But this is the first time that I have encountered the problems I've had in trying to get these plants to just survive. I don't have an indoor set up and grow my weed outdoors as I have an acreage property so growing outdoors is no problem. This is the first time I have encountered the pest problems I have had to deal with whilst trying to grow these seeds. In your blog about this strain, it states that they were suitable for outdoor propergation. Maybe indoor would have been a better way to go. Or maybe the seeds just weren't bred for Australian conditions? What I can say is, after fighting tooth and nail, and overcoming huge setbacks, the 1 plant which I have managed to grow is just going great guns (really, really good). Beautiful plant, and totally different to what I have grown before. It took its time initially to adjust to the heat and humidity here, but is really thriving now and I cannot wait for when she starts to bud. I definitely want to purchase seeds from you guys again. Now that you know a little about where I live, the conditions I am growing in, perhaps you could suggest some strains that might be more suitable and pest resistant for growing here. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions or advice on what you think would be best for me. I have really enjoyed my growing experience, even though it's been tough. I'm not interested in growing a huge crop, just enough to sustain my own needs and I'm happy. Please let me know what you think, and what recommendations you might have for me looking forward. Many thanks and keep up the good work, Kind regards Anthony.
I will only shop at AMS. from now on. Review by Donald Stoner (Posted on 2/15/2021)
Batting 1000. This is the 3rd time that I have ordered seeds from AMS. and it's the 3rd successful shipment. Every seed has germinated (20 total). I noticed that the prices have gone down and the shipping was 5 days faster. All 3 times I sent cash, no problems. Tried to order from another company, big mistake, waste of time. I will only shop at AMS. from now on. By the way the Borderliner, XTRM I received last year is the best I've ever smoked, so easy to grow, super potent and smooth. Thanks, Team AMS
They never fail to have the tops in… Review by Jerry Jo (Posted on 5/23/2019)
They never fail to have the tops in Genetics/DNA in Cannabis seeds.
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