Every weed grower should be able to recognize the signals from the leaves of his marijuana plant. If you read the leaf of the plant well, you can grow healthy plants with fantastic buds. Therefore here is an overview of the characteristics of weed leaves.

What functions do the leaves of the cannabis plant have?

The green pigment (chlorophyll) ensures that the leaves are actually a kind of solar panel. The undersides of the leaves are covered with stomata that open and close like small doors.

Weed leaves are important because they support and keep the cannabis plant alive in all sorts of ways.

This allows carbon dioxide in and oxygen and water out. In addition, the leaves can absorb all kinds of nutrients to feed the pasture. And did you pay attention to biology lessons at school? Then you must have heard about photosynthesis. Well, the beautiful leaves of your valuable weed plant are essential for photosynthesis.

Mutations of the leaves