Do you want a stronger high? Why don't you just take a closer look at the weed you already have. Al weed buds have kief on them. Kief (or keef, dry sift, kif) contain the cannabinoids and terpenes.

So, what is kief exactly?

You know trichomes, right? Well kief are the formations that are stuck atop trichomes. Although weed without kief does contain cannabinoids, it is certain that it has greater levels of THC than other parts of the weed plant.

How to gather kief

kief in grinder

How do you actually gather the thousands of little trichome heads without actually plucking them off one by one? It's rather quite simple... by using a three-chamber herb grinder. As you grind your bud, the crystals will collect at the bottom chamber of the grinder. It may take a while and plenty of buds before you actually have enough kief to smoke, but it sure is worth the wait.

Higher percentage THC