Kief (sometimes also spelled keef) is a fine, dusty material that you often see on high-quality cannabis flowers, and it consists of fallen resin glands which contain terpenes and cannabinoids.

If you have a cannabis grinder that you use often, you most likely have a kief chamber at the bottom of the grinder. Grinders usually have two or three chambers which hold different-sized pieces of weed.

The top chamber is where you put the weed before grinding it, and it holds the biggest pieces after grinding.

More expensive grinders have a middle chamber that gathers the most weed and sifts kief through a filter to the bottom chamber.

When you grind weed, the bottom chamber collects kief. Simple as that.

You’ll see that, above the chamber, there’s a very fine filter which can be up to several microns.

This filter is in charge of allowing the resin glands (trichomes) to fall to the bottom chamber.

So, in a way, kief is naturally concentrated cannabis. It is well known that hash and other concentrates made from kief are often stronger than those made from the flower.

Kief is best when fresh, however, it doesn’t go stale quickly, so you can keep it in your grinder for a while.

Are kief and hash the same?

No, although it’s pretty close.

Kief is made by sifting cannabis flowers and collecting the resin glands that fall off.

Hash is the product of compressing the sifted kief, and there are multiple ways to do it. Each of these ways is unique to a country or a region.

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