Rest assured that there are several valid reasons for the long delays.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has instituted a number of measures like banning overtime, removing hundreds of high-speed mail sorting machines, forbidding extra or late trips to deliver mail since he came to office in June 2020. This reorganization of the postal service, and the thousands of postal workers not working due to the pandemic, has taken an immense toll on the delivery times.

By the end of December, the post office has reported that their usual 90% on-time rate had dropped to a low 38%. The postal service has become swamped with a historic volume of mail. More people have relied on the mail than ever before due to the pandemic. It has been reported that some facilities were “wall to wall” full.

As if that was not enough, the holiday season and ice storms only delayed shipments further. For many parcels, the USPS tracking has not showed an update on the parcel for some time as the piles of mail keeps stacking on top of the old mail. There is a backlog, but the mailmen are working tirelessly to catch up. With the oncoming of better weather and COVID vaccinations, there may be a improvement in the horizon.

So, before you assume that we sent your order strapped to a turtle’s back, consider the world we currently live in and the problems that the USPS is facing. Despite the present trials and tribulations they are doing their best to get your package to you as they know that people depend on them for their medications, important documents, and many other necessities.

Know that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will continue to ship orders out within 1-2 business days. We can only be expeditive on our end, but as soon as we hand the parcel over to the postal service it is in their hands as to how long it will take to arrive. Our business is still proceeding as normal so once you get your order in, consider your parcel signed, sealed, and delivered (hopefully soon)!