If you're looking to surpass your normal high and want to fly into the clouds, look no further than the bud you already have. All marijuana buds contain kief, also known as keef, kif, dry sift, or pollen. This is the resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids. More specifically, kief is the bulbous formations that sit atop trichomes, the crystalline beauties on a flowering top that makes the bud feel sticky.

Greater levels of THC

Although cannabis without kief contain cannabinoids, it is certain that it has greater levels of THC than other parts of the plant. In fact its name literally means "pleasure and intoxication" in Arabic. Now that should certainly turn you on to trying it! We could all use a bit of pleasure and intoxication in our lives.

THC rich trichomes

We may like to believe that the THC rich trichomes in marijuana were meant for us to relish but they actually have a practical use. Cannabis relies on them to deter herbivores; when animals eat the buds it causes them to have a psychoactive experience. Thus, it causes disorientation and prevents them from eating the entire plant. The odor that the trichomes produce attract pollinating insects and deters pests.

A three-chamber herb grinder

So, how do you actually gather the thousands of little trichome heads without actually plucking them off one by one (because that would insane)? It's rather quite simple; a three-chamber herb grinder with a screen will do the trick. As you grind your bud in the grinder the kief crystals will collect at the bottom chamber. It may take a while and plenty of buds before you actually have enough kief to smoke, but trust me, this is worth the wait.

Family size load of kief

If you can't get enough of kief (who actually can?) you can opt for using silk screening to get a family size load of kief. However you will need a whole lotta bud to do so. You can even make your own sifters using layered screens made with wooden borders. Go for 3 or 4 layers of mesh screen so that you're left with the purest kief on the bottom screen.

Sandwich the kief

There are many ways to smoke kief. The good news for those of you that want to minimize the health risks of smoking but still want to get a good high, using kief is a great option. Since it has a high concentration of THC, sprinkling just a bit of it in your next joint will get you ripped. Make sure you sandwich the kief in between the buds when you roll a joint, otherwise the loose powdery kief might fall out. Wasting kief is sinful, so elect the best roller in your group to do the deed.

Kief is way more potent than regular bud

If you're a pipe kind of smoker, then load 'er up in a pipe, no problem! Be conservative when loading your pipe, remember that kief is way more potent than regular bud. Also, be aware that kief continues to stay lit up, so keep toking once you start to get all your money's worth. It's not like normal bud that goes out after a while.

E-cig juice

Another awesome way to put kief to good use is making E-cig juice if you're into using vaporizers. First off, you will need vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, a syringe, a coffee filter, a double boiler (I'm talking about a bowl place above a pan of simmering water), and as much kief as you've managed to accumulate.

Vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol

Put a 1 to 1 ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol in your double boiler. After that add your kief and let it continue to melt until the consistency is nice and smooth. At this point, you can add some E-cig flavor to the mix if your heart desires. Next, pour the mixture into a coffee filter that's inside a mug or bowl. Don't skip this step as you don't want little bits or pieces in your final product.

Use it as soon as it's cooled off

You can already use it as soon as it's cooled off. Use the syringe to load up the cartidge of your vaporizer. Voila! Enjoy smoking your homemade E-cig juice.

Every herb lover needs to try

Smoking kief is just one of those things that every herb lover needs to try. So next time, avoid breaking up your bud with your fingers as the kief will stick to your hands. Instead, use a grinder to salvage the valuable little trichome heads to smoke later.