I can't imagine any good pot smoker having the question in their mind of “does weed ever go bad?” Because, after all, who just has some old weed laying around going to waste? You smoke it till it's gone, right? But under certain circumstances you may have found an old baggy of weed somewhere in your closet hiding from the time your parents came to visit.

I'm here to tell you go ahead and light it up! If it's been in a closed container hidden away somewhere dry it's still good to smoke. It may not be as potent anymore; the smell might have changed a bit, but it's worth lighting it up. Just make sure there was no moisture in the bag as that can cause mold to grow on your bud.

Memory of fallen

Say you're going on holiday for a while and can't bring your stash with you, the best way to store the goods is in a glass container that can be completely sealed like mason jars with the rubber on the lid.

If for any reason your weed has gone bad, shame on you! Repent and light up another joint in memory of the fallen.

THC is what we smokers are after; it's what gets us stoned. Now what about THCA? It's what the lab geeks call Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid and it's what THC is made of before it becomes, well, THC. THCA is the caterpillar before it becomes the THC butterfly.

When you harvest your bud and the plant dries, something called decarboxylation occurs, turning THCA into THC. Exposure to light speeds up this processes along with heat, vaporizing, and burning.


Although we can bask in the glory of THC, let's take a look at what THCA can offer. It provides us with a wealth of things beginning with “anti” like Anti-Insomnia, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Proliferative (inhibits cancer cell growth), Antispasmodic, and Anti-Emetic (reduces vomiting and nausea), and anti-hangover. Knowing the ratio of THCA to THC in a strain can be key to aiding your ailment, because they have different physiological and psychological properties. This ratio allows dispensaries to know the effect it will have on the user.

What's also interesting is that one can customize the decarboxylation process by using a custom range of temperatures and times to convert the THCA into THC to make your perfect ratio and blend. This opens up a new world to smoke a blend perfected to help your condition.

Now imagine how important decarboxylation is when making your next batch of special brownies.

What's not to like about Austrailia; the people enjoy a good shrimp and chook on the barbie, they have kangaroos, and now they will also have a few ton of Marijuana.


Earlier this week AusCann Group Holdings is exploiting a legal loophole that may allow it to grow and export up to ten tonnes of cannabis on a small island off the coast of Australia.

Although Marijuana is illegal in Austrailia, the island where it will be grown, named Norfolk, is a self-governing administration and can grant a license to cultivate and export Marijuana legally. All AusCann needs now is the final approval of the administrator of the island, Gary Hardgrave. Aus Cann chairman says he is optimistic that such sanction will be forthcoming.

The people of Norfolk Island are supportive of the project as it will generate very much needed employment along with revenues from export fees.

The first batch of medi-pot will be exported in 2016 to Canada, where medical marijuana is legal, because the country has had complications providing enough and effective medicinal weed to it's residents.

The island just so happen to be an ideal grow site because of it's climate and off-shore location. Before you get any ideas to break in the Aus Cann facility and snag a few souvenirs, know that the security firm Lockforce International has been hired to catch you.

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