If you look at all the different types of cannabis strains that you can buy, you will see that the vast majority of weed strains are so-called 'hybrids'. Hybrid marijuana strains occupy the majority of the cannabis market.

Cannabis breeders and growers have many choices in crossing and perfecting different weed strains. Every breeder obviously wants to develop a weed strain that the whole world is enthusiastic about. That's why cannabis cultivators keep on trying to develop the best strain - based on crossing other strains.

Unique cannabis strains that are simply themselves

Hybrid marijuana strains may have certain landrace genetics in them, but they are not landrace strains. They are also not heirloom or phenotypes. But what are they then? Hybrids are unique cannabis strains that are simply themselves and have unique characteristics.

What types of landrace cannabis strains are there?

Suppose you are looking for a pure landrace strain, how do you know what to look out for? Most landrace strains are named after the place where they come from. Areas in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, are known for their pure Indica strains. While Sativas come from Jamaica, Mexico or Africa.

The most popular landrace strains:

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Afghani, Lashkar Gah, Hindu Kush, and Mazar

Mexico: Acapulco Gold

South and Central America: Panama Red, Colombian gold

Asia: Aceh, Thai, Chocolate Thai

Africa: Swazi Gold, Durban Poison, Kilimanjaro, Malawi

Jamaica: Lamb's Bread, King's Bread

These are just a few landrace strains. When you are traveling you may also discover a unique landrace strain yourself.

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