As a marijuana user, you know the meaning of the number 420. But there is a newer cannabis number: 710. Rather than marijuana, this number refers to butane hash oil (BHO) and dabs.

Information about the number 710

710 Movement

This is a way to consume cannabis through oils, waxing and all kinds of extracts. It is also a much stronger way to use cannabis.

A number of hits can be compared to smoking a whole joint. The use of oil is also a pupil among medicinal cannabis users.

Oil users started their own movement and called it the 710 movement. 7:10 is the time to smoke and the 10th of July is the day on which this holiday is supposedly celebrated.

710 written in oil

On July 10 it is also San Canuto in Spain (Canuto means joint in Spanish). And this means that on this day cannabis is celebrated throughout all of Spain.

And last but not least, 710 is also chosen because if you turn or write it upside down you get the word... OIL.

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