The market has a high variety of cannabis seeds for sale and each of these seeds results into its own type of marijuana linked with its own taste. Still, many smokers out there are looking to diversify taste and try something new so now and then. As a grower you can opt to add a flavor to your harvest, but what if you want to do it differently? Many smokers have opted to surprise their taste buds with a rose pedal blunt. 

A rose blunt, is a blunt that has been rolled with fresh rose pedals instead of using standard papers. This might just seem as a trendy way to smoke your blunt. This trend came to live after a video posted by a twitter user named @simple_sasha. In her video she explains how you can make a rose pedal blunt. 

Besides being a trendy way in which you can smoke your blunt, rose pedals are also known by its benefits. that. Roses have a natural occurring oil that is said to have an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. The properties found in rose oil are also found in other fruits and herbs such as lemongrass, peaches, passion fruit, blackberries, blueberries and cannabis.

Rollin Your Rose Pedal Blunt

Rolling a rose pedal blunt can be rather simple. The smoker will need to pull some petals of rose petal, heat them in the oven for a couple of seconds. When removing them from the oven, the pedals will come out of it with a darker color. Afterwards you will have to stick them together end-to-end. Once this is done, you will have something that looks like backwoods wrap. But the most magical part of it that it is one made out of rose pedals instead of one that is made out of tobacco leaf. Isn’t that amazing?

As mentioned in her video on twitter @simple_sasha says that the flavor of the rose pedal blunt is “very floral, really good”. So, when preparing this blunt yourself you will have to combine it with strains that will complement its flavor.

Which Strains to Use When Smoking Your Rose Pedal Blunt?

  1. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze will help you to feel uplifted and ready to face your day. This type of strain can help you when you feel fatigued and want to feel calm and energized. So, combining this with your rose pedal blunt can be an awesome combination.

  1. Candy Kush

Candy Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that feels earthy whiles maintaining strong candied undertones. It helps you to feel tranquil, serene and helps you to release the body tension that you have been holding onto. Bringing these properties in combination with the rose pedal blunt will result into a great moment of enjoyment.

  1. Sweet Skunk

Sweet Kush is the right strain to choose when you are looking to improve your mood and ease your nerves. When combining this with your rose pedal blunt you will be able to feel both the majestic stress lifting properties of roses and Sweet Kush which will definitely result in a good mood.


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