The quality of weed can vary considerably. Everyone has ever bought a bag of weed that turned out to be shwag (shitty quality). But how can you tell? How can you recognize whether the bud you buy is of good or of poor quality? Check this article and we'll explain everything to you. After reading this blog article you are an expert in the field of flower tops and recognizing top shelf quality or shwag weed. So read on!

It is a big disillusion when you come home with a bag of weed and you look forward to enjoying it. You've had a busy day and now it's time to relax. Just a moment of chilling on the couch with a big blunt. So you roll one up and light it up, but it doesn't feel right, and it turns out ... this shitty herb has no effect at all and it doesn't taste like anything. Even the cardboard bottom of a pizza box has even more taste.

The bud that you just rolled into your blunt is probably a few weekds old. But there are many more factors that influence quality. It all starts with good genetics. If the plant is grown from poor seeds, the flower tops are also of poor quality. Moreover, much more can go wrong during the entire growth process and that all influences the effect, smell and taste of the weed. Read on and discover how you recognize quality.

High quality weed buds

high quality weed buds

It is a misconception that you recognize high quality weed just by looking at it. If you really want to know if you are dealing with good stuff then you will have to smell it, you will have to smoke it or evaporate it. But that goes very far, for an average quality check. It is usually sufficient to take a close look and smell the buds. With this you can determine in most cases what kind of quality you are dealing with.

How do you recognize shwag weed?

Swag or shwag is the nickname for bad weed. You don't want swag, because it is a waste of money. You can tell by the taste and the lousy high. Usually you get an annoying headache from swag and a bad feeling, instead of the fine, euphoric high you were hoping for. In swag there are also pieces of leaves and twigs, because it is harvested quickly and carelessly. You can tell by everything that it is a mess. Therefore, don't buy and smoke it, and rather spend a little more money on good quality herb.

But how do you recognize swag? The first indication could be that you get more from your dealer than what you asked for. Well there are quite some friendly dealers around, but you can assume that there is no dealer on this earth who will just give you something as a gift. There is always something behind that. In this case he probably just wants to get rid of his shitty product, which he would otherwise not be able to sell to someone else.

Check the color of the weed buds

If you have already bought weed before, you know about what the texture is and what color it has. Swag often has a dry and light color and it is a bit loose and often a bit fluffy. By all these things you can recognize bad weed. Ever seen such a old lady who squeezes softly into the fruit at the market or at a fruit stall? So you will do that too, only with weed. Whether the weed is compact, or rather loose tells you a lot about quality. You just have to develop a little feeling for it and before you know it you are a real cannabis connoisseur.

If you buy weed you cannot always do an extensive quality check. You can't always open the bag to look at it and touch it. It would be an ideal situation if you could take out the weed to feel it and squeeze it. Is that not possible? Pay at least a lot of attention to check the color of the buds. The color says a lot, but then you need comparison material with good quality bud. Poor quality is lighter in color, it is somewhat fluffy and feels a bit dried out. You can tell from the color green a plant produces if the flower tops have been dried properly. Its green color also tells you something about whether the plant is healthy and has been well cared for.

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