a woman with a serene gaze holding a bottle of CBD in her hand

CBD is safe for almost everyone, according to a recent report from the World Health Organization, but it’s best to check with your doctor first before starting any CBD product. Especially if you are pregnant or on any medications.

Research has shown several CBD oil benefits, ranging from alleviating social anxiety to improving rheumatoid arthritis.

Here’s a shortlist of CBD health benefits.

Use of CBD improves mood disorders

CBD works directly on the brain receptors 5HT1A (serotonin) and GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter). Lower levels of these can contribute to anxiety and depression.

CBD lowers inflammation

CBD suppresses cytokine production and induces T-regulatory cells to protect the body from attacking itself, which can help autoimmune conditions.

The use of CBD can decrease chronic pain.

CBD inhibits transmission of neuronal signaling through pain pathways.

Helps treat seizures.

CBD may relieve epilepsy in children.

While there are many emerging studies showing signs of CBD’s health benefits, research is limited on its long-term effects.

If you try a CBD oil and start to see unpleasant side effects, stop taking it and see your doctor immediately.

At the end of the day, CBD oil is a supplement and should be used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.