Who rolls the joint?

Who rolls the weed is a matter of great social importance. At least it used to be that way. In the 60s it was the man who rolled the joint. But today, of course, it doesn't matter anymore. Weed etiquette has no sexism, so the ritual of rolling a joint is now done by both men and women.

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From a political point of view, the above reflects the class system and the pecking order of society, from about half a century ago.

If you had no means to get weed or paper, you simply would not be in a position to roll a joint. That was done by those who were higher in rank and had more social status. Now there is just rolling by the person who can best roll a joint, it's that simple.

Do the guests have to roll themselves?

In earlier times it was the case that guests at a party did not have to roll a joint themselves. The attentive host had already carefully rolled the joints.

It is common that the person who invites someone to smoke a joint also rolls. You can actually assume that the person who bought the weed is also the person who rolls.

At parties that are not so formal (in the 60s it was very different!) You can of course just ask who wants to roll and who is good at it.

In that respect, there is still a bit of a class system today. After all, those who can roll really well increase in prestige and rank! So make sure you practice well because rolling a good joint is not that difficult at all. As with many other things: you learn by doing.

Just search for 'roll the perfect joint' on YouTube and do some self-education. Before you know it, you're the one who is asked by everyone to roll the joint!

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