What sort of vapes are there?

There are a few different types of vapes available on the marijuana market. Whatever vape you choose, make sure it is really suitable to be combined with dry herb or cannabis oil cartridges.

Not every vape can handle thick cannabis oil. It is certainly not advisable to use a normal nicotine vape, because it can burn out. If that happens you have to replace the coil, but it can even ruin your entire vape.


Most vape shops sell different vapes, including CBD and THC-friendly vapes. Certainly in the North of America the use of a vape to consume marijuana has become very pupular.

There are actually two general choices to make when you buy a vape. The most popular types of vapes for cannabis have two options.

You have vapes where you can put an oil cartridge. And there are vapes with which you can evaporate dry herbs.


Both choices are alternatives to normal smoking. The dry herbal vapes require the same cannabis bud that you normally use to roll up in a joint.

A disadvantage of vapes that can only hold cartridges is that you always have to purchase specialized, packed oils. You buy individual cartridges and then place them in the vape. This means you are stuck to a certain type of cartridge that is suitable for your vape.


There are also more expensive, multifunctional vapes that can handle both dry herbs and cartridges. This is the best option if you want to stay flexible and want to vary the type of cannabis you use.


A big advantage of cartridges is that you can, for example, buy pure CBD cartridges. That is a fantastic option if you are sensitive to THC. So if you do not want THC in your system, you can still benefit from the medical benefits of this cannabinoid via CBD cartridges.