What should you NOT do when growing weed?

People who do something for the first time are more likely to make a mistake than experienced people. That is because there is a so-called "learning curve" in every activity. This also applies to grow weed plants.

You would expect growers who already have a lot of experience to be much better than newcomers. This fact could discourage you as a newcomer from starting to cultivate your own weed. But the thought that you will not succeed is not justified. In principle, everyone is able to grow their own cannabis, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Every cannabis grower should avoid a number of things. You can read what they are below. Use it to your advantage!

So what you should NOT do if you are going to grow cannabis yourself is:

Tell everyone about your cannabis project.

Not smart. Because that only gives you problems. Make sure that as few people as possible are aware of your cannabis growth project.

Depend on a window as a light source when growing indoors.

Although the sun is the very best light source, it is not a good idea to grow your weed plants in an indoor environment with only a window as a source through which light comes. Cannabis plants need as much light as possible.

Expect that you will do everything perfectly during the entire growth process.

Avoid disappointments. Bear in mind that all kinds of unexpected events can occur during the cultivation of cannabis. You can expect some setbacks while growing your plant. It is good to take this into account in advance.

Just use any fertilizer

This mistake is often made by people who have never grown a cannabis plant. In fact, it is good to use fertilizer, because weed plants really need that. But it's a misconception that you can use any fertilizer just like that. Be well informed about this and choose a high-quality product such as Flower Power Fertilizers. With Flower Power Fertilizers, your plants grow like the jungle!

Only use natural soil when growing outdoors.

It is possible, but it is not likely that your plants will grow very well if only natural soil is used. To achieve a good result you will need to feed the soil with fertilizer.

If you are going to grow weed yourself, it is good to know what you should not do. By preventing common mistakes, you are already an important step closer to a successful harvest.

Happy growing!