university students with a map in the hills of California

In the world of cannabis, you come across it everywhere: the number 420. It would be very strange if you never heard of 420 as a cannabis lover, but many people have no idea what it exactly means or where it comes from. So let's take a closer look at this mysterious number, shall we?

Probably the last stoner movie that you have watched contained countless hidden references to 420. For example, with clocks on the wall or on posters. This code is used all over the world and 4/20 (April 20) in the American calendar is now the global cannabis day.

So where does the number 420 come from?

The number 420 probably comes from California in the 70s, from a group of teenagers. This group was known as the Waldos. And if you think about it, you probably realize that in almost every stoner film there is a Waldo.

The Waldos supposedly found a map showing the location of a weed plantation, somewhere in the California Mountains. Every day after school they went searching for it and left school at 3:00 pm. Because of extra school activities they only could go on their way at 4:20, spending the rest of the day smoking weed and looking for the plants. Although they never found the plantation they did leave the legacy of 420.

Although they never found the plantation they did leave the legacy of 420.

More and more people heard of this story and slowly it turned into an American icon. Leaving 420 to be similar to only one thing: weed. It has gotten so widespread and popular that 4/20 now is a special day for cannabis all over the world, which is celebrated by all kinds of marijuana enthusiasts.