Satter Cannabis

Shatter can also be referred to as shatter weed, shatter wax, or marijuana shatter. Regardless of what you call it, shatter is among the trendy marijuana concentrates today. By definition, shatter is a form of a cannabis concentrate (extract) manufactured by extracting a marijuana plant's essential oils and other phytochemicals. These essential oils contain terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. Mainly, experts settled for the name shatter typically because this marijuana extract type has a specific translucent texture that shatters and breaks like a glass material.

What does shatter look like?

As mentioned above, marijuana shatter is translucent. The color varies from dark yellow to a bright honey-like amber. By looks, the appearance is somewhat similar, but the texture is mostly different. It could be brittle or taffy-like.

Mainly, the cannabinoid profile of a specific weed shatter is responsible for the touch. Nonetheless, it will help if you know the differences between shatter THC and CBD shatter.

What is CBD shatter?

Weed shatter is famous for its high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) amounts. However, some cannabis concentrate manufacturers tend to create shatter that is rich in CBD, especially when the target consumers are those who wish to take CBD for its therapeutic merits.

The main difference between the two types of shatter is that CBD shatter harbors only cannabidiol, with trace amounts of THC. This is intended for those who love medical marijuana or staying on par with their vitality and wellness. You will not get the high feeling from CBD shatter.

How do you make shatter?

Wondering how to make shatter at home? Well, you are not alone. Loads of wannabe cannabis concentrate users will be thrilled when they learn how to make their live resin shatter. Look at these easy tips below!


  • Fresh cannabis plant matter (kief)
  • Wax paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Oven gloves (optional)
  • Flat iron hair straightener

Directions for making shatter:

  1. Pour the kief into wax paper.
  2. Fold the wax paper in square shapes and fold it around the cannabis plant matter.
  3. Using a pair of scissors, do away with the excessive piece of wax paper protruding from the square
  4. Wrap the square kief in another sheet of square paper.
  5. Heat the hair straightener at a low heat setting for a minute or two. The ideal temperatures should range anywhere between 230 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or between 100 and 150 degrees Celsius.
  6. Clamp the straightener over the square-shaped kief and press it downwards. By using your hands, let one clamp the iron shut and use the other to push it on top for let's say 10 seconds.
  7. Remove the wax paper from the straightener and unfold it.
  8. A honey-colored substance gets squeezed from the edges of the kief-filled wax paper.
  9. You now have your homemade smokeable shatter.
  10. It is advisable to use a dab rig to enjoy your clear shatter.

How to turn shatter into crumble

Turning shatter into crumble requires somewhat high amounts of heat. Basically, you need to fold over the shatter and melt it into a thin slab. Fold it once more and let it melt out flatly. Think of hand-whipping when turning shatter into a crumble.

How to use a live resin shatter

Just like most cannabis concentrates, shatter needs to get vaporized or dabbed for effectiveness. By weight, the potency is exponential and could range anywhere between 50% and 90%. If you don’t like to smoke shatter, then be sure to enjoy your weed fast and effectively by using a dab rig or vaporizer.

One of the most important benefits of using shatter dabs for taking shatter is that they are readily available for those who want to use them. To dab shatter THC, you will need to have intense heating means, and e-nails would come in handy.

It is also worth mentioning that unlike a bong or a joint hit where you may need to hit and hold in the smoke, which undeniably causes lung irritation, it is a different case with dabbing shatter. Instead, exhale before you take your hit and inhale that smoke before you blow it out once more. If you are prone to coughing, then smaller inhalations will come best for you.

If you decide to go the vaporizing way, then you will have to add your weed shatter to the heating chamber. The shatter gets heated and molten into vapor. Now, inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.

To use a CBD shatter, you can dab or vaporize it the same way it has been mentioned with live resin shatter. Note that you won’t get any high when you vaporize or dab CBD shatter as the amount of THC in it cannot cause a psychotropic high.

Can I eat shatter?

Cannabis shatter looks yummy. Consuming it requires high amounts of heat so that all the ingredients can get activated. That said, when you eat shatter directly, you probably won’t experience any effects. It is intended to be heated first and taken through dabbing or vaping methods.

How to store weed shatter

The proper handling and storage of shatter help in enhancing its longevity. To handle it properly, you should:

  • Use a pair of gloves or wax paper. This helps in keeping your product free from bacteria and oils as these two may lurk in one’s hands.

  • Place the shatter in a non-stick material so that the sticky residue cannot get lost.

  • Store it in an airtight container, in a cool, dark environment.

  • Wipe the storage container dry to keep off condensation should you decide to refrigerate your shatter. Also, parchment paper should be used to ease the partitioning of the dabs.

  • Importantly, heat is the number one enemy of shatter. It softens fast and turns into a budder when left at room temperature or in hot environments.

Benefits of weed shatter

  1. Weed shatter is a fast method to introduce cannabinoids and primal ingredients into the body.

  2. The potency ratios are high. This means that one needs to take fewer doses of shatter and garner more effects.

  3. There is no combustion involved when vaping or dabbing shatter. This means that your lungs will be mostly safe from the nicotine or tar that would otherwise reach the respiratory system.

  4. Marijuana shatter is stable and doesn't degrade fast as other cannabis concentrates. Nonetheless, be sure to factor in the storage techniques mentioned above.

Effects of shatter

As everyone is unique, the effects that you feel after taking shatter vary significantly and are dependent on whether you are taking marijuana or CBD shatter. Let’s take the example of shatter THC. As there is no combustion involved, the high felt after taking this type of shatter tends to be purer than the other marijuana concentrates.

On the other hand, CBD shatter helps the user get an improved mood, overall vitality, and wellness, thanks to the high amounts of Cannabidiol.

As for side effects, weed shatter has high amounts of THC. That said, the user should be careful not to overconsume. Mostly, the overconsumption of THC may lead to anxiety.

Differences between shatter and the other marijuana extracts

The differences start primarily at the manufacturing stage. The other cannabis extracts get whipped, shaken, or stirred during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, cannabis shatter should not get agitated so that translucency can be maintained.