What is hashish and why do we like it

Often times the term hash brownies get thrown around but in fact no one actually dissects the term and thinks brownies made with hash. Instead we just think space brownies. Hash, or hashish is not common in America, and if it was to be found it’s probably terrible quality and mixed with a plethora of other condiments and rubbish. It’s mostly found in Northern Africa, Europe, and different parts of Asia.

Potent form of cannabis

Hashish is a potent form of cannabis; it is made from the trichomes of the marijuana plant. Some strains of cannabis are specifically cultivated because of their innate ability to produce big amounts of trichomes, therefore it produces more kief to make hashish. Kief is simply the loose bits of trichomes or resin glands that come off the bud.The resinous material from the plant is collected; dried, and then compressed into forms like balls, cakes, or cookie-like sheets with the help of heat.

The end product

The end product is a pasty substance with differences in pliability and density. It comes in many colors due to contributing factors like the quality and genetic makeup of the strain used. It’s usually light to dark brown but it can also range in colors from black, to red, yellowish, or green.

Hashish contain

Hashish contains the resin that is extracted from the flow clusters and the top leaves of the cannabis plant. It does not, however, contain plant material like leaves, seeds, and stems that causes the marijuana to be reduced in potency.


The main psychoactive substance in hashish is THC, nonetheless many other cannabinoids become active as well. As you already know, if you follow my blog, smoking marijuana also provides the user with THC among other cannabinoids. So what’s the difference then between smoking marijuana or smoking hashish? Normally, good hashish contains higher concentrations of THC than regular marijuana buds. The concentrations usually range from 15% to 70%. This doesn’t necessarily mean that hash is always stronger or a greater quality than marijuana. Specific strains of high quality marijuana could be more potent than low quality hashish. When hashish is cut and diluted by dealers the percent of THC in hashish has been found to be as low as 6%.


There are other benefits to using hashish instead of marijuana. It’s easier to bring along with you when you’re on the go. An ounce of hash takes up a lot less space than an ounce of weed; it also smells less. The shelf life of hash is longer than bud. It can last very long if you keep it wrapped up tight, especially in a dark, cool area.

Best grade hashish

A common and one of the best grade hashish is Moroccan Caramelo Hash. It’s almost black-brown because of the strong oil content. The layers are obvious with varying tones and shades. It’s mild in smell with a soft cocoa bean scent along with mellow notes of mint. It has an overall sweet fruit flavor that you will want to enjoy continuously. The taste will linger on your taste buds for some time. This hashish is great for relieving body ailments; you will feel super relaxed after just a few tokes. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. You’re gonna want to bogart that hash joint till it’s finished, but be cool and keep passing it while you’re easing into your chair with that AriZona Peace Tea in your left hand.

Make your own

If by now you’re aching to get your hands on some grade A hash but it’s nowhere to be found. Then there is a number of ways to make your own. One of the ways that will give you super potent hash is the ice hash method. It’s sometimes called bubble hash because bubble bags are the brand name to the bags used for sifting the frozen THC into micron sections. The science behind it is to freeze your weed so that the THC glands are frozen and break off and then collected.

Using ice

One such method includes using ice, very cold water, buckets, electric hand whisk, special bags for sifting, and paper for collection. To start off you will need enough ice to make an eskimo happy. Put the ice into one of the buckets along with your bud and add the cold water on top of it. Now you’re gonna whisk until your arm goes numb. Whisk for about 30-45 minutes with short breaks in between allowing the contents of your bucket to settle down.

THC heads

By now the frozen THC heads have fallen off and you pour the water through the sequence of mesh bags with different micron sized sections. You will continue to pour the liquid gold water through the different mesh bags. Since the mesh bags have different micron sized sections the most potent material will be found in the last bag and the least potent,leafy stuff will be on the top bag. Eventually you will scrape out the bags and put the wet kief on the paper and let it dry for longer than 12 hours (up to several days).

airtight jars

Now you can put the hash into airtight jars for curing and storage. Keep it in a dark and cool area. If you’ve dried your hash properly you can keep the lid on it and already smoke it after a day. If you want to impress your friends and have your hash look like the commercial stuff from the coffeeshops, then heat and pressure will need to be applied to it.