Bubble hash: what is it?

In short, Bubble Hash is a marijuana concentrate that is made using ice water.

Bubble hash is seen by many people as a high-quality and pure form of hash. It can have a THC content of 50% or more.

Bubble hash is less strong than wax, for example, that can even have a THC value of more than 80%. But bubble hash is very pure because no solvent is used.

If it doesn't bubble, it isn't worth the trouble!

Purified Trichomes

It gets the name 'bubble hash' for two reasons. First, the concentrate bubbles when it is heated before use.

Two, you have to use bubble bags to sift the marijuana plant material from the purified trichomes it owns.

As you may know, trichomes are microscopically small. They look like a kind of cloudy mushrooms when they are ready to harvest.

Bubble hash is a bit stronger than normal hash. Normal hash is also extracted from the trichomes of the cannabis plant.

Bubble hash can be consumed in a pipe, bowl or joint

For most users, a third of a gram is more than enough to help them achieve the desired effect.

How do you make bubble hash?

It is very important that you ensure that the trichomes are removed without damaging them.

The trichomes are scattered throughout the cannabis plant. They grow on the leaves and stem. But they are most common on the flowers.

The trichomes have a small stem and a head. The head is full of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, as well as flavonoids and terpenes.

Bubble hash is the purest hash that exists. And the great thing is that making it is not difficult at all.

Bubble hash comes in diferent forms and a variety of colours

This substance can, for example, be wet and moist or dry and sandy. It can be maroon, marigold or even brown in color.

If you use plants that have not hardened or dried, you will get a wet and unstable product that looks like live resin. If you use older weed, you will probably end up with a brown or even gray, dried mass.

The art of creating hash has been popular for centuries, but bubble hash has only hit the Western mainstream in the last 30 years or so.

You can make it using cannabis flowers, fine-mesh micron bags, and ice water. The bags and ice water are utilized to extract the cannabinoids from plant materials.

Bubble bags

Place ice water in a bucket with the marijuana raw materials. Make sure to submerge the flowers to freeze the trichomes.

Move the flowers to ensure that the trichomes break off the plant. Professional bubble hash companies use an ice cold washer for five minutes per cycle, and also use reverse osmosis (RO) water.

Make sure you are careful when you try to separate the trichomes. Their heads are extremely delicate and it is too easy to damage them.

Once the trichomes are removed, use the bubble bags to separate them. Use a second bucket and place the bags in the bucket in ascending order of microns. For example, place a 25-micron bag on top, followed by the 45-micron bag, all the way to a 220-micron bag (its best to buy a bubble hash making kit consisting of multiple micron bags).

Your own range of Hash

After securing the bags over the side of the bucket, pour the water and flower mixture onto them. Make sure you take your time doing this and wait at least 15 minutes.

Take the first bag from the bucket and flush it with ice water for a second time to get any remaining trichomes. Shake each bag in turn, allow each one to drain, and set them aside.

Every bag will have its own range of hash, with the finest mesh bags containing the best product.

Take the different hash grades and spread them on separate drying sheets. It’s recommended to use non-stick surfaces.

When the hash is dry, roll it into a ball or press it onto a sheet.

As the name suggests, bubble hash will melt and bubble as it is heated. It is an indication of purity and results in a smooth, awesome experience

At this point, you can break off small pieces and either roll them into joints or place them on the tops of bowls.

If you choose to roll a joint, add heat to the outside. If you don’t do this, the hashish will burn slower than the flowers and papers, which means it’ll fall off the joint before you even get to use it!

As you see, the process of bubble hash production is fairly simple. You only need some bags to be able to filter properly. Once you have it, you can make first-class hash yourself!

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