Weed Strains

It is thought that cannabis originally came from Central Asia. But in the last half-century, the cannabis plant has been brought to all continents of the world.

What is meant by a cannabis strain

Cannabis plants were cultivated and grown to meet the needs and wishes of the people in a certain community. After generations, different variations of the original cannabis strains started to appear on almost every continent. These variations were called landrace strains.

These landraces were taken from their natural environment and taken to the west. There they were crossed with other varieties to combine the best of different cannabis strains.

Original cannabis strains appear on almost every continent

This process, in which different types of cannabis (male and female) are crossed, is also called hybridization. All the strains, with all the different names that we consume today, originate from this process. Today there are more than 1000 cannabis strains.

You probably know the terms 'indica', 'sativa' and 'hybrid'. These are different types of the same plant with all three different structures, effects, and functions. Consumers often think that cannabis Sativa provides more energy, that an India has a sedative effect and that a hybrid strain is somewhere in the middle. However, recent research has invalidated this classification by effect.

You can now categorize cannabis into a number of categories that indicate the following classifications:

High THC, low CBD (more euphoric effect)

High CBD, low THC (clearer effect)

Balanced CBD and THC (slight euphoric effect)

Each of these categories has a certain effect to offer, both in the recreational and in the medical field.

Do you want to know which cannabis strains work best for you? Then there is only one thing to do and that is experimenting. Vary with strains in which the percentages CBD and THC differ and find out what effects they have. There are a lot of Cannabis Strains available, so there is always one that suits you.