Water Weed Plant

Your marijuana plant shows its thirst not only by limping and drooping but also by discolored leaves. Does the color of your cannabis plant's leaves turn brown or yellow? It is normal for weed plants to develop yellowish leaves in the last weeks of the flowering period. But a mature, healthy growing plant should not have brown or yellow leaves. If it does have, that’s a sign that something is wrong. And most of the time it is a watering issue.

Just check the soil to see if your weed plants get sufficient water

Getting your hands dirty is one of the easiest and quickest ways to check if your cannabis plant gets enough water. Just stick your finger in the ground (a few cm) and feel if the soil is dry. Is it? Then treat your beloved plant to some nice freshwater.

Another test is to pick up the whole growing pot/container to see if it feels as heavy as it did after the last watering and check if most of the moisture has drained or evaporated. Bear in mind that you need to know the weight of the dry pot as a reference. Try to remember when carrying and moving your containers.

hand touches the potting soil with to check if it is moist

Read on and see which signals indicate that your plant is getting too little (or too much!) water.

If your weed plants don't get enough water, they will droop

If your cannabis plants are very thirsty, they will hang. The whole plant will look sickly and lifeless, making it hard to overlook these signs. One difficulty with this thing, however, is that thirsty plants can be confused with plants that are limp due to overhydration. The difference is that the leaves of overgrown plants are usually dark green and form a "claw" by wrapping themselves and bending down so that the whole plant takes on a heavy, water-accumulated appearance.

Be careful not to over-hydrate

Watering cannabis plants in the right amount

Even if you have little experience in growing, you should be able to set these two states apart. In most cases, it should be obvious if the droopy appearance is due to too much water or too much dryness. If the soil is bone-dry and you know that you have not been watering for some time, then probably the sickly appearance of your plant does not come from overhydration. Most of the time the difference between over-hydration and too little water is clear.

It's better to keep your plants a little too dry than over-watered

Keep in mind that it is better to keep your plants a little too dry than to overwater them. If you have water-thirsty (otherwise healthy) cannabis plants they should recover in a few hours time. Underwatering occasionally won’t harm your plants, but overwatering can do a lot of harm. So water your weed plants regularly and sufficiently, but never too much.