Weed plants and entangled roots, expert tips by AMS

When growing cannabis plants outside, the roots usually have plenty of room. That is if you don't put your plants too close together. The root system needs space to find its way through the soil without barriers. But if you put your plants in pots or trays, the roots cannot go any farther at a certain moment, because they grow against the edge.

At such a moment, the roots can become entangled, because then they grow back and towards each other. This root entanglement is not good for your plant, because the roots cannot absorb the amount of food they would like, which means that your plant will end up in a situation where it does not receive enough nutrients. Read on and see what you can do against root entanglement in weed plants and how you can prevent this.

Entangled roots

Root entanglement in plants is more common in indoor cultivation since the plants are grown more often in fixed pots. But many growers who grow outdoors also use pots or containers. This is mostly the case with growers who only have 1 plant or a few plants. On top of that, if you put your plant in a pot, you can still move the plant. That can also be a reason for outdoor growers to place their cannabis plants in pots or containers. That way they can then pick up the plant easily and put it somewhere else. This keeps the place where you grow flexible. The problem with growing in pots is that they quickly become too small for the plant. Certainly, for beginning growers, it is difficult to estimate how large the root system of a cannabis plant will be, and how much space the roots need under the earth. If the roots cannot grow any further, because they come to the edge of the pot, then they will find their way back, up or down again, and thus they become entangled with other roots that also have too little room to move freely. Read on and see how to prevent the problem of entangled plant roots.

Outdoor growing

Outside, roots can also be hindered in their growth, for example by stones, or a tube that runs through the soil. But normally roots become entangled because the pot in which they are planted is too small. They simply do not have enough space to grow.

How do you know the roots are entangled?

You know that the roots of a plant are very important for the plant to grow optimally. All nutrients, or at least the most nutrients, come up through the roots of the plant. But if this root system is not functioning properly in some way, the plant cannot take in enough nutrients and water, and that immediately leads to all sorts of problems, most of which you can guess. The plants become large and unstable, and food shortages occur, which causes the plant to become weak, and dry out and all kinds of diseases have the opportunity to develop. So make sure you place your plants from the start in a large pot so that the roots cannot entangle and they have enough room to grow freely.