Weed and Creativity

A lot of people wonder whether there is any scientific support behind the link between cannabis and creativity. One theory that many have is that marijuana can help to silence that voice inside our head that criticizes us, enabling us to overcome our fear of what we create being bad or our anxieties about other creative issues.

Research on cannabis and creativity

Research that has been published by the Consciousness and Cognition showed that people who smoke cannabis outperform non-users in convergent thinking. Convergent thinking aids in helping people arrive at the right answer, such as in a multiple-choice quiz, whereas divergent thinking helps us to think up a variety of different answers to a question.

The researchers ultimately found that while the cannabis users were indeed more creative than the non-users, marijuana didn’t boost their creativity in any way. Instead, marijuana helps to change one’s own perception of one’s own creativity, and so can help your artistic juices flow. 

Cannabis can help your artistic juices to flow

It is true though that individuals who use marijuana and those who don’t have different personality traits. For example, pot-smokers tend to be more open to new experiences than non-users, which is something that has been long associated with both cannabis use and high creativity levels. Furthermore, various people claim that weed plays an essential role in their creative process – Steve Jobs, for instance – although this largely depends on the personality of the person. 

Is weed really necessary for your creative output?

You really do have to ponder though; do you really want to use outside help to increase our creativity? Do we really want to believe that drugs are necessary to our creative output? It's fun to toke now and then, and maybe even more, but depending on cannabis to aid our creativity doesn’t really seem like the right way to go. Surely, we should work on optimizing and developing our personal creative skills before we allow outside things to alter that, but that doesn’t mean weed has to be totally off the table either.

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