Ways to consume cannabis

Smoking cannabis is not the only way to consume the herb. There are more options nowadays. And even more, ways will be added in the future.

Inhalation of cannabis

Smoking is the most popular way of consuming weed. Different people from all over the world are familiar with the use of marijuana via inhalation. Smoking can be done by rolling a joint or using a device (like a vape). Joints are usually rolled in paper, blunts in tobacco leaves, but this differs in many places around the globe.

People who also like smoking tobacco often mix tobacco with cannabis. A joint is a mix of both, while a blunt is usually only filled with cannabis.

Inhalation of weed is also possible with water pipes, hand pipes, and vapes. Devices such as hand and water pipes for marijuana consumption are available in a wide variety. Most of them are portable and come in different styles, making it one of the many things collected by marijuana enthusiasts.

Evaporators are common for medicinal cannabis users. These evaporators are able to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. People with limited resources sometimes make their own pipe installation or homemade smoke machine.

But inhaling cannabis is not the only way to consume the herb. There are more options nowadays.

Cannabis edibles

Most cannabis foods are based on ingredients that are high in fat, such as butter. Cannabis extracts are mixed with these fat-based ingredients to make edibles such as brownies and cakes. Cannabis extracts are also combined with other recipes to make a more tasty diversion.

Edibles have different effects on the body depending on the concentration of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The kind of effect also depends on the amount of extract used for that specific recipe or the type of strain from which the extract comes. There are many different cannabis recipes that you can find online. Most recipes can easily be cooked at home, in your own kitchen. Keep in mind that the most important ingredient in making edibles is that it must be based on fats or oils.

Cannabis capsules

Medical cannabis can also occur in encapsulated forms. These capsules contain a concentration of medical marijuana, which is dependent on the needs of the user. These are produced with oil because the cannabinoids are only soluble with oil. This promising combination makes it a therapeutic compound that treats different health conditions.

Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis can be extracted in many ways. These concentrates come in the form of hash, topical creams, wax and tinctures. Topical creams or waxes are formulated in the belief that they are able to treat conditions such as skin allergies, muscle aches, and acne.

Tinctures provide consumers a calming sensation. Tinctures are extracts of marijuana in liquid form. They are ideal for people who want to have precise dosing control. Cannabis tinctures can be added to drinks, but you can also put a few drops directly under the tongue.

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