Vaping marijuana

Vaping marijuana is a modern way to enjoy an old activity. Vape pens heat a solution (called e-liquid) which contains ingredient like nicotine, THC, CBD and/or flavor. By vaping, you can control the amount you breathe freely. Therefore vaping opens up a whole world of flavors and scents you can not find in normal cigarettes or cigars.

Smoking is firmly rooted in a lot of cultures and serves to bind, think and relax. As with any cultural activity, it is normal that it evolves over time. Our ancestors used to dry and grind the leaves, then they wrapped it in other leaves to burn them. With smoking there is always a risk for health, because the smoke also contains chemicals.

Vape pens for smoking cannabis

Vape pens come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. Most of them are as small as a cigarette, but this varies. There are also pens which are larger. Pens are mostly less complex than box mods, which allow you to replace the battery. But smaller doesn't mean that it's not good. A good vape pen ensures an enjoyable and smooth experience.

Many people think the use of a vape is healthier than cigarettes, because you breath in less chemicals. Research is still done on this topic. Watch out with e-liquids. Be sure you get them from a trusted seller and don't import from an supplier you don't know.

Difference between smoking and vaping

Cannabis and cigarettes exist for ages. But the evaporation process has only recently become popular. When you smoke cannabis, the THC is absorbed into the blood through the lungs. Thing is, that if you smoke, you also inhale the smoke during this process. And this smoke contains burnt particles that cause tar in your body which cause all kinds of health problems. Narrowing of the blood vessels and an increased heart rate are caused by smoking. By smoking it takes only 6 seconds for the drugs to enter the nervous system. When you consume an edible or chew tobacco this takes much longer.

With vaping, evaporation takes place. No materials get burned as with smoking. A vape heats all the active components without combustion. The process of evaporation generally includes a glass or metal chamber that transfers electrical energy and can heat the connection to a control temperature, thereby producing a minimum of combustion steam.

This means that you inhale less smoke. Vaping has become popular within the cannabis community because the weed can be heated to a certain temperature so that only the THC can be extracted and inhaled.

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