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Cannabinoids and vaping

How you should set the temperature of your vaporizer depends on your purpose. Normally it is between 180-210 °C / 356-410 °F.

At different temperatures, other types of cannabinoids will be released. So you will have to play with the settings of your vape to test what happens. The quality of your cannabis is of course also important.

In general, you can say that the more euphoric feeling comes at lower temperatures (below 190 °C). And that a relaxed feeling is achieved faster at higher temperatures

Get the most out of your cannabis and start low

You actually zoom in on a certain part of the cannabinoids in your marijuana. And the higher the temperature, the more connections are made.

You obviously want to get the most out of your cannabis. So it is best to start low and then increase. Take the time to feel what is happening. Focus on how you feel and what kind of high you get.

At different temperatures, other types of cannabinoids will be released

THC evaporates from 157 °C / 314 °F, so this should also be the lowest setting at which you set your vaporizer. From this temperature onwards THC gives that nice buzz that we are all looking for.

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