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In the previous post, we talked about many ways to consume marijuana, however, there are just so many more ways to consume it that we had to do a follow-up. Some are very common, others quite creative. In fact so creative that only a cannabis consumer could have come up with it either while high already or desperate for a toke and with no rolling papers in sight. Not that consuming marijuana one particular way ever gets boring, but it’s fun and exciting to mix things up once in a while. 

A common alternative to smoking a joint is using a hand pipe. A hand pipe is one of the most convenient ways to smoke marijuana.  They are small, portable, they look awesome, and they are easy to use. Hand pipes have gone from a simple glass pipe to nowadays where they often look like pieces of art. Some people even collect them because they can be so beautiful and creative.

Buy one or Make one

If you want to see how truly high you can get, like borderline pass out high, then consider trying a gravity bong.  This is the economical stoner’s go-to for getting super blazed without using a lot of weed. Sure, you can buy a gravity bong, but you can also make one. Try it before you buy it. All you will need is a 2-liter bottle, a bucket, water, a bowl piece (like the one from a bong), and your bud of choice. Fill the bucket with water. Cut a bit less than half of the bottle from the bottom and put it right side up into the water. You will use the cap of the bottle as a bowl holder by making a hole in the cap big enough to put your bowl in it so that it sits nicely. Pack then light the bowl while at the same time slowly lift up the bottle from the water. This will trap the smoke inside. Be sure not to pull the bottle out of the water or else all your beautiful marijuana smoke will be lost. Now remove the cap and suck out all the smoke you can handle. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

For special occasions consider a hookah. A hookah is not normally used for smoking marijuana, it’s usually associated with smoking shisha, wet tobacco. This is because the low water content in a hookah makes the plant burn faster than it can be inhaled. So your high is milder than you would normally get for the same amount of marijuana. Oftentimes people will sandwich the cannabis bud in between the tobacco to make it last longer. Although using a hookah is not an economical choice, it’s still pretty cool because not only does it smell really nice, but multiple people can smoke at the same time.

Ready to pack

What do you do when you’re all out of rolling papers and you left your hand pipe at your buddy’s house?  Dig in the kitchen and look for an apple to save the day. This fun way to smoke marijuana will give the cheap weed you have a nice flavor. All you need is an apple, a bowl’s worth of bud, a lighter, and something to make holes in the apple like a knife, pen, or screwdriver. Twist off the stem of the apple and where the stem was poking a hole halfway down the apple. Next, poke a hole halfway down the face/side of the apple.  This will be your mouthpiece. Although you don’t really need a carbon apple pipe it is recommended so that air will flow through the chambers to clear the remaining smoke. To make a carb simply keep pushing your tool all the way through the apple from the mouthpiece you made. Now you are ready to pack the pipe by putting your weed at the top of the apple where the stem was and use it like you would use any other hand pipe.

Marijuana is a very diverse plant with a variety of ways to consume it. Don’t be afraid to try smoking your favorite plant a new way. You can have a completely different experience smoking the same kind and amount of marijuana as you normally would but only changing the method by which you consume it.