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Everyone can agree that the most important aspect of consuming cannabis is the quality of the bud.  However, the second most important aspect is the delivery method. In fact, you can smoke marijuana using one method and smoke the same bud with a different method and have a completely different experience. Most cannabis consumers learned to use cannabis a certain way and have generally stuck to it. I’m here to tell you to broaden your horizons, you won’t regret it.  In fact, you will probably find a new favorite way to consume cannabis.

Let’s start with the ‘ol tried and true method: the joint. Smoking a joint is probably how your parents smoked weed, and perhaps even your grandparents.  A joint is exclusively marijuana. It can be any strain of your choosing as long as it’s only marijuana rolled inside the joint. Joints are easy to transport. They are light and small enough to fit almost anywhere. All you need to roll a joint is the weed, rolling papers, and a crutch or filter. It’s easy to see why the joint has been popular for decades, it’s simple yet effective.

Swisher Sweets or Phillies Blunt

A blunt is, marijuana rolled with a tobacco-leaf wrap like from a cigarillo.  Most blunt smokers will buy a cigarillo like Swisher Sweets or Phillies Blunt brand and empty out the contents and refill it with bud. The positive side to smoking blunts is that you can fit a whole lot more weed into a blunt than a joint, and the tobacco-leaf wraps often come in fun flavors like grape. This is also helpful if you’ve got some schwag weed and you need to cover up the taste.

A spliff is pretty much just a joint but with a mix of tobacco and cannabis. if you are too low on bud but want to roll a joint, then you can fill in the gaps with tobacco and smoke a spliff instead.

Also, smoking spliffs instead of cigarettes can be a good way to wean yourself off smoking cigarettes entirely.  Just fill your spliff each day a little less with tobacco until you are finally only smoking cannabis. 

Vaping reduces the health risks

The healthiest way to inhale the THC, among other badass cannabinoids, is to use a vaporizer. A vaporizer works by steadily heating the cannabis flower to a temperature that is hot enough to extract cannabinoids but too low for releasing potentially harmful toxins that may be released during combustion. Vaping reduces the health risks that come with smoking. Not only is it healthier but those that vape claim that they can taste the “flavor notes” of marijuana more intensely. Although vape pens can be expensive you will save money in the long run, because you can use less bud to get the same high as if you smoked it. Another pro is that vape pens smell a whole lot less so you can do it discretely. Vape pens that use oils or wax practically don’t have an odor at all. 

Another popular method of consuming marijuana is to use a bong. A bong is perfect if you want to get really high, really fast. People with a high tolerance for marijuana also love bongs for their effectiveness. Bongs are not for traveling. They are meant to be a centerpiece on your living room table as they often look like beautiful pieces of art. Many friends have such a fond relationship with their bongs that they name them. Give the bong a try and you might want to name yours too. 

The stink that fills the air when that bong water comes out

Besides giving a great hit, bongs are considered a healthier option for a joint. This is because when the smoke passes through the water in the bong it helps clean the smoke of some toxins and plant material. It also cools the smoke so it’s less harsh on your lungs. Here’s a helpful tip: clean your bong water on a regular basis. It’s a recurring problem that when you have all your friends over for some smoking and someone accidentally knocks over the bong.  The stink that fills the air when that bong water comes out will never leave your memory.  It’s just better to keep it fresh, at one time or another a spill will happen, just hope your bong stays in one piece.

These are just a few popular ways to consume cannabis. Trying new ways to consume cannabis is a fun adventure every cannabis lover should go for. 

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