Top 5 Mistakes made by growers

Growing cannabis is an art just as much as it is a science, and so it can be a very complex process. Often, people who get into the growing industry start off incredibly excited and, as a result of this, make mistakes. Here are the top 5 mistakes commonly made by growers:

Sharing their Growing Activities

Growing marijuana should be a private activity and thus, should happen on a strictly need-to-know basis. Starting a grow is a long-term commitment that takes months, and so it really is best to go through the endeavor in secret to avoid an unneeded fuss.

Starting with Unknown Seeds

Planting complex seeds in the hopes you'll be able to grow rare or tasty bud is a sure-fire way of setting yourself up to fail. Of course, it is fun to experiment with different seeds, but you should always know as much as possible about what you're planting so that you don't waste any time or resources on a dud. AMS seeds are carefully prepared in order to produce a consistent and dependable harvest every time and come with detailed instructions too.

Not Timing the Growth Cycle

Planting your seeds at the start of June offers the plants the ideal amount of time to finish their growing cycle in the least amount of time while yielding the fullest harvest. After the summer solstice, the days begin to get shorter. This encourages the plants to move on and into their flowering phase without unnecessary upwards growth.

Using Time-Released Fertiliser

Being too lazy to feed your own plants is a sure-fire way to damage your yield. Putting fertilizer on a timer isn't reliable at all and it really isn't worth the risk. Begin with a 25% dilution and slowly increase the potency of your fertilizer. Always keep an eye on your plants for signs of stress, they will give you indicators if something needs to change.

Harvesting too Fast

Do not, under any circumstances, harvest your crop before its time. As exciting as it is, always wait to pick your plants until the pistils are mostly brown in color. Before you pick them, hang your plants upside down somewhere dark, and with good air circulation, this will help dry them out.