Tolerance Breaks

Smoking cannabis is definitely up there with one of the most relaxing and entertaining things to do, but sometimes it can be beneficial to take a break from the ganja to build your tolerance to it back up – this saves money and ensures you don’t become dependent on it.

The reason most people do it though is to get that first feeling back. Remember when you first smoked a joint? That really giggly, incredibly fun, child-like feeling? Tolerance breaks are a great way to get that feeling back and lower the high tolerance individuals build up with daily cannabis use.

The reason most people do it though is to get that first feeling back

If you’re really serious about starting and sticking with your tolerance break then keep in mind, it will take some hard work and perseverance because It can take up to three weeks to break the habit. 

There are a couple of ways you could do this, including starting meditation which helps to refocus your energy. Another way you can distract your brain from smoking is to hit the gym, this can actually help your body to metabolize the THC more quickly and so it leaves your body faster.

Starting meditation which helps to refocus your energy

Other coping skills include picking up a new hobby or creative outlet, keeping a diary, or buddying up and taking a break with a friend who is equally motivated. 

There are some withdrawal symptoms associated with tolerance breaks which consist of mood swings, disrupted sleeping patterns, and night sweats. With regard to mood swings, this happens because individuals are used to THC keeping them chilled out, and of course, when you don’t have that anymore it can really take its toll.

Also, since disrupted sleep is a common side effect this may just add to the emotional ups and downs. The disrupted sleep happens because most smokers will smoke just before bedtime to help them get tired – some start to rely on this helpful sedative and can really struggle to sleep without smoking.

There are plenty of other ways to help your body wind down after a long day, and so you might find it helpful to replace your bedtime joint with relaxation teas with valerian root, or some hot chocolate. 

Overall, it is important to keep in mind that while tolerance breaks are difficult and there are some negative side effects it can definitely benefit you in the long run both physically, financially, and psychologically.

If it doesn’t work the first time, then try and try again because I promise you, that the first joint after a three-week break will be so worth the wait, and you’ll feel like you have much more control over your habit.