Growing Weed at Home

If you plan to grow your own cannabis at home, you must learn a lot before you start. Check out our seedbank for high quality weedseeds. To ensure that you do not waste your time and get the best possible harvest, we have summarized the most important things you should know before you start growing your own, beautiful cannabis plant.

Make sure to get the right light

Of all the things you have to do right, the type of light should be at the top of your priority list. Plants of all kinds must convert sunlight into energy to grow and thrive. It may be tempting to use only the natural sunlight that enters your home, but this is limiting. Firstly, too little light can reach your plant, depending on how large your windows are and where you live.

You may not get enough light in the country where you live. In addition, you need different types of light cycles for your plant to grow effectively. During most of the plant growth, you need a light distribution of 18/6 hours in the dark to maximize the growth potential of the plant. When you are ready to germinate, you need a 12/12 light / dark ratio. This is not controllable with sunlight, but can be easily arranged with an extra lamp.

Moreover, not all lamps are the same. A normal light that you use to light your desk at home is not powerful enough and you will notice that your weedplants become thin and weak. As you grow indoors, you need the most powerful HPS or LED light that you can afford and install to maximize the growth of your plants.

Choose soil or a growing medium of good quality

In addition to a light that ensures that your plant receives all the "sunlight" it needs, you also need high-quality soil with all the nutrients that your plant needs. If you use simple potting soil, you will most likely have to supplement your soil with extra nutrients. Buy high quality fertilzer for weed plants here.

We recommend using organic soil that contains all the nutrients that your plant needs to make a start in their lives, and then choose a balanced fertilizer and mix the instructions with water if the nutrients in the soil run out. Make sure you do not use too much fertilizer, as this can be just as dangerous as using others. Check the amount you need to use and dilute with water to the right ratio for the best results.

Be sure to have proper ventilation and air flow

The final piece of the puzzle is the air flow around your weed plants. In the wild, your plant has to withstand the entire growth, making the stem stronger. Without this, your plan will eventually collapse on the weight of its own leaves. Have a good breeze blow against each plant to strengthen it and ensure adequate ventilation.

Happy growing!