This way you get a more intense high

Do you want a more intense high? Check these tips and get the most out of your weed.


Have you been using the same cannabis strain for a long time? Then maybe it's time to add a little more variety. The fact is that when you constantly use the same type of cannabis strain, your body gets used to it.

It may not make sense, but you could try a strain with a lower THC percentage. It may sound contradictory, but that can produce a more intense feeling than a THC-rich strain that you have been using consistently lately.

The effect of weed is caused by an interaction of hundreds of connections. The high is made by around 100 cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, CBN) in combination with a large amount of terpenes.

If you occasionally switch between strains, you stimulate your brain with new connections and combinations.


If you want a more intensive high, then you should definitely try a cannabis concentrate. There are many different types of concentrates.

Dabbing or evaporating a concentrate, such as wax, BHO, honey oil, the good old Moroccan hash, creates a thick high.

You can also add a concentrate to your joint or bowl. This guarantees a great high that blows away even the most experienced stoner.


If you eat chocolate (the purer and darker, the better) you strengthen the effects of marijuana. This sounds too good to be true, right? Yet there is a good scientific basis for this.

The main component of chocolate is cocoa, which slows down the breakdown of anandamide. As long as anandamide is present in the brain, you will enjoy a happy feeling. The result is that the high seems to last longer.

Pure chocolate also contains healthy antioxidants, so this is really a great win-win!

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