Man on Cannabis Plantation

Marijuana has been cultivated and used by humans for at least 12,000 years. There are even indications that it was first used at least 30,000 years ago.

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The use of the cannabis plant runs almost uninterrupted throughout history. This is because almost every society recognized the benefits of the plant. The plant has advantages for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and this  was recognized a long time ago by many societies.

Unfortunately, in the "enlightened" modern age, cannabis suddenly became the devil after millennia of safe use. Meanwhile, governments around the world are aimlessly opposed to cannabis. Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to sell us medicines that are not natural and have many side effects.


Although more and more American states realize that it is wise to allow cannabis to be used as a natural medicine, many others are still lagging behind and have old-fashioned views about the use of cannabis and its effects.


Now that cannabis is becoming known as a booming business, it seems that 'profit' is the most important obstacle. Until powerful entities find a way to make money with weed legalization, it will remain illegal in too many places.

Cannabis has made it through a turbulent history, and the future is likely to become even more dynamic!