SunRocks and MoonRocks

Are you ready for a trip outer space? Because that is what sunrocks and moonrocks are all about. If you smoke a blunt or joint, you can sometimes go as high as a kite, but moonrocks and sun rocks send you on a trip right through the atmosphere! These extraterrestrial cannabis delicacies are made by rolling cannabis buds through the oil and then applying a layer of kief (weed dust). The effects are insane. You go really hard on these babies!

Potheads are always looking for new ways to get more out of their weed. They are always looking for new ways to upgrade their existing flower tops and provide them with a higher THC content. One of the solutions is to make MoonRocks or SunRocks. How does that work? We will explain that in a moment. And then you will also see that you can make it quite easily by yourself. Oh yes, and we'll explain something else to you. Namely, that these extraterrestrial delicacies are extremely powerful. This one is a warning!

With moonrocks, you are launched directly to the moon and it will take a long time before you get your feet back on planet earth. Few concentrates are that strong. So know what you are starting! Even cannabis connoisseur and rapper Snoop Dog has said in an interview that he thinks moonrocks are too strong. And we all know, Snoop has the experience to know so.

About MoonRocks

Moonrocks are weed buds that are covered with a layer of cannabis oil. BHO (Butane Hashish Oil) is often used, or a type of liquid wax concentrate. The oil-sprinkled bud is then dipped or rolled in the Kief (weed dust). Compare it with a delicious chicken nugget! Different types of cannabis buds and liquid concentrates can be used to make a moon rock. It depends on the desired taste and strength. If you put this space nugget in your pipe and light it, you'll land on the moon in a matter of seconds.

What about sunrocks?

Why sunrocks? Because it can always be better and more special and way stronger! A sunrocks is the same as a moonrock, but only first-class products are used. Sunrocks are high-quality moonrocks. Usually, they are also stronger in effect, but that is not necessary. The experience is different because you know that you are dealing with the best of the best. A sun rock is made just like a moonrock, by covering a top with concentrate and then sprinkling it with Kief.

The sun rocks from Apollo from California are very popular. OG Kush is usually used for the buds. And those are dipped in a high-quality cannabis concentrate, and after that, it is finished with a thick layer of Kief. How strong they are? Don't freak out. Better sit down for a moment. Are you ready for it? These spacy rocks have THC percentages of 60 to 80%. Yes, you understood correctly: 80%. That is astronomically high and way too much for the average stoner.

Have you ever been on a trip to the moon?

Want to make a moonrock yourself? Use OG Kush