Proud to be a stoner

Rule 1: You will not arrive empty-handed

Are you going to blaze thick horns with your friends one evening? Then don't arrive empty-handed. Remember that the rules of cannabis etiquette state that you bring something to share with the circle. It just makes sense, right? You wouldn’t want to be the only person supplying your friends with weed all the time. Well, they feel the same way.

We all run into money issues sometimes. If you don't have the money to buy herbs, take a bag of chips or other ‘munchie’ food. It is always good to bring food. Just don't show up empty-handed.

Rule 2: Be honest

Can you roll? Just be honest. Nobody gets happy from a crappy joint. It i0 s not too difficult to roll a good joint with a little practice. So get out there and practice. You want to be a strong independent stoner, don’t you? Take matters into your own hands and learn how to roll a joint. You can start with our beginner's guide on how to roll a joint.

You can find many “How to roll a joint” videos online. So go check them out!

Rule 3: You will share

Sharing is caring. Remember that saying? In the world of marijuana smoking, it holds: it is important to share.

Whoever rolls lights it up. And you pass the joint around in one direction. Preferably clockwise. People who don’t grasp this make it difficult for people in the circle to have a good time. This leads us to our next point.

Rule 4: Treat people with respect in the circle 

No matter how long you have been smoking, you were once a noob. There was a time when you didn’t understand what the rules of marijuana smoking were. When unsure of yourself and perhaps feeling socially awkward, someone shows you respect in the circle and helps you out. You can pass that same stoner knowledge and respect on to someone else. They will most likely thank you for it.

Rule 5: You shall not be a greedy smoker

Those who have seen the film Friday know "puff, puff, pass! Is it a joint or a blunt? Then you get two hits. A bowl or bong is one hit. Then pass again! Don't take so much that the last one in the group only gets a little of nothing. You wouldn't want that yourself, would you? So keep it a bit polite and cozy!  It&rsquo's just common courtesy, my friends. Remember that you are a part of a group and that the weed isn’t just for you.

Rule 6: Remove your seeds and stems

How many times has it happened? You are in a circle. Everyone is having a good time, chilling and smoking. Suddenly you take a drag, and POP; A seed pops in the joint. Leaving seeds and stems in your joint or bowl is not a good stoner form. It can disturb the flow of a mellow session. You don’t want that to happen. You especially do not want to be the person who is responsible for a stem or seed in a joint. So plan and remove the stems (and seeds J).

Rule 7: Wait for your turn

Patience Grasshopper Patience. It has happened to all of us. You are at a party, and you have forgotten your stash. No biggie, you can hustle once.  But whatever you do, don't ask for it before the joint is rolled. If the joint goes around, asking for a hit is OK. Just make sure you aren't always that guy. 

And remember, do not be pushy or go out of turn. You do not want to be branded as a pushy (rude) stoner. If you are branded rude in a smoking circle, you probably won’t be invited back. Keep everything cool.

Rule 8: Do not wet the joint

I get it. That joint looks are so good. It has your mouth watering. Just remember, keep the water in your mouth. Nothing is worse than taking a hit off a joint after it is soaking wet. Do not let your saliva get on the joint; it’s just wrong. You wouldn’t want to take a swig off a beer and feel someone else’s saliva all over it. The same rule applies to your joint. Leave it dry, my friends.

Rule 9: Do not hold that joint

Don’t hold onto that joint, my friends. When it is passed to you, take your puff or two and pass it along. Remember, puff, puff, pass! Well, it does not mean; puff, wait for an hour, talk about the time you learned to ride a bicycle, and pas. Just take your puffs and pass. If you are in the middle of a story, say excuse me. If the story is good, people will be willing to take it back up when you have finished your turn smoking the joint. Besides, a dramatic pause might add some interest to the story too. Win/Win.

Keep in mind it is not just your time. Take your hit off the doobie and pass it along. Keeping the Circle moving smoothly is courteous, so make sure you pass the joint along in a reasonable amount of time.


Smoking Marijuana can be a social activity. Remember that when you are engaged with others, it is a good idea to ensure everyone is having a good time. Follow these 9 rules of stoner etiquette, and you should be well on your way to making a good time for everyone!