Woman holding a joint

There are a lot of polite manners that we adhere to in everyday life. But how do you properly pass on a joint? You don't learn that in school. But don't panic, we are here to teach you!

Here are 5 basic rules you need to follow in the circle.

Rule 1: You will take care of others in the circle

Keep the atmosphere relaxed and take it seriously when someone goes bad. You probably know the feeling. Just take good care of someone who is not doing well and make a fool of him (or her) when he is doing better.

Rule 2: You shall not waste

Make a choice. Either you are the storyteller or you have the joint. Nothing is more annoying than someone letting the whole joint burn to ashes in its claw because he just keeps on talking and forgets about the joint.

Rule 3: You shall not steal

Stealing the lighter from another smoker is unacceptable. These guys always say it happened by accident. But do know, that for these lighter snatchers there is a special place in hell!

Rule 4: You will suck wisely

It's a joint, not a dick! Wet sucking is not necessary. Oh, and are you sick? Then arrange your own joint or pipe. Infecting everyone with your scary diseases is not cool.

Rule 5: Don't be that guy

Never just throw away the last part of the joint, even if you think there is nothing left in it. First check with your smoke buddies if anyone still wants - just out of politeness. If not, kill it.

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