Smoking cannabis and driving

How safe is it to drive after using cannabis? How long does THC stay in your system? Check out this article before you get behind the wheel.

The legalization of cannabis is still on the rise in various parts of the world. But one of the barriers of the legalization process is road safety. In the field of road safety, there is much concern about the influence of marijuana on road users. So the question arises, how safe is it to drive after smoking cannabis?

Traffic risk factors for using cannabis

We all know that smoking cannabis affects your judgment and your state of mind. Although no clear correlation has been established with regard to car accidents and the use of marijuana, the effect of cannabis on driving ability is clear.

Because there are so many different strains, with just as many different levels in THC and CBD, it is almost impossible to know how much to take or where to draw the line to still be able to participate in traffic properly.

In one person the same dosage has more effect than in the other

Compare it with taking medication. In one person the same dosage has more effect than in the other. In general, it can be said that someone who uses cannabis is less alert. And that, of course, is not a useful effect if you have to participate in traffic.

Wait long enough for the high to wear off before getting behind the wheel. Always remember, safety first.

When is THC out of your system?

There are a number of ways you can see if you are still high. If you still have a euphoric feeling, you know you can't drive yet. Even if your coordination is not good, it is not safe. You can also check your eyes. Usually, people who have smoked cannabis have red eyes. If so, you are still under the influence.

The situation is different for everyone. But in general, it is advisable to wait at least 4 hours from your last inhalation until you start driving. This gives your body the time and opportunity to adjust the THC in your body.

If you consume cannabis through edibles, you have to wait at least eight hours before you get behind the wheel

It is important to take a lot of personal responsibility since the use of marijuana has a different effect on everyone. If you feel like you are still high, be strict with yourself and wait a little longer. Always remember... safety first.


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