Church Marijuana


The conference was held to assert that marijuana is an illegal drug, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not create protection from prosecution just because it's under the pretense of religious practice.

Arrest or summons

Possession of marijuana is a crime in Indiana and there is no exception for where marijuana is possessed, IMPD Chief Rick Hite declared. Anyone who attends this or any other event and brings marijuana will potentially be subject to arrest or summons and criminal charges. If someone gives marijuana to another individual, that is a crime of dealing marijuana and also subject to arrest or summons and criminal charges.

In fact, anyone present at all at the event could be charged with visiting a common nuisance, Curry said. Wait, what? A Nuissance... for real? Aaaaah How much can a person possibly rain on a parade... maybe he himself needs a good puff before enforcing the law -trust me, it changes ones perspective quite dramatically.

Life's Great

Luckily, perhaps more brave than wise, founder of the church, Bill Levin, said the conference changed nothing about his plans for inaugural day, however this past Monday Levin posted this on Facebook:

Due to the threat of police action against our religion I feel it is important to CELEBRATE LIFE'S GREAT ADVENTURE in our first service WITHOUT THE USE OF CANNABIS. The Police dept has wagged a display of shameless misconceptions and voluntary ignorance. We will do our first service without the use of any cannabis. CANNABIS WILL BE PROHIBITED ON THE FIRST SERVICE. We will not be dragged into criminal court for their advantage. We will meet them in a civil court where the laws are clear about religious persecution. We do not start fights. We Finish Them!

Levin believes the city's threats are probably just a bluff (let us hope that is the case!) and that law enforcement officers will just show up on their inaugural day with summons. Prosecutor Curry claimed that church congregation members will not be treated differently than other people caught breaking the law at other highly publicized events in the city.

Pfff exciting isn't it? For now let's hold our breaths and see what will happen as the day's events are panned out. Just remember, this could take some interesting turns, So Levin... We're here rooting for you and the cause! Power to the people and all that...