Having sex while you are high

Know the best and sloppiest effects when combining weed with sex. Read on and find out everything about this controversial topic.

Usually people who smoke cannabis say everything tastes and feels so much better. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to combining weed and sex, some say it's the best experience they've ever had, but others think it's the sloppiest.

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More importantly, many people used the term ''science'' to describe the experience of mixing cannnabis and sex. But what do they mean by that? Let's look at this topic to see what kind of science it is about here.

Cannabis causes an increased desire

A study quoted by Psychology Daily found that users have an increased libido after smoking marijuana. Although the study may be outdated, users claim to have increased sexual desires under the influence of the herb. This is due to an endless number of variables that still need scientific evidence. However, many people say that using marijuana makes foreplay more enjoyable and exciting.

Weed provides increased sensitivity

When it comes to cannabis, the subject of heightened senses is one of the most discussed. Cannabis users often claim that sex feels better when they are high. A study shows that users feel more relaxed, euphoric and emotional, and that are all good things in the bedroom. If you think of sex in the form of a massage, you have a greater chance of enjoying it when you are completely relaxed. And we all know that marijuana has an effect of relaxation.

There is even a lubricant with cannabis, called Foria, that claims to make sex more pleasant for women in the form of extremely long and intense orgasms. So guys, if you are still looking for a nice gift for your girlfriends ... then you now know what you can buy her ;-)

Cannabis can cause more intense orgasms

Intenser orgasms are related to increased sensitivity and perception of time. In an interview part of a study a woman tells that mixing weed and sex causes orgasms to last 30 seconds and are incredibly intense. That speaks for itself!

The use of cannabis gives the feeling that time is slowing down

In the same study cited above, people who use weed claim that their perception of time was stretched. And this is good news for both parties! If sex doesn't last as long as you hope, the use of cannabis can make that minutes (if not hours) feel longer.

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