Rules for smoking pipes and bongs and vapes

Smoking cannabis with friends is not a new kind of social activity, but whether you're a cannabis newbie or a seasoned smoker, it won't hurt to update your knowledge on cannabis smoking rules.

Yes, there is faux pas when it comes to smoking marijuana, but here's how you can avoid them. The following rules come from cannabis smokers around the world.


If you get 'greens' - that is, the first stroke of a freshly packed bowl - light only a small part of the bowl. Hey, don't be selfish! If you immediately set everything on fire, other people cannot taste those wonderful terpenes!

Yes, there are faux pas when it comes to smoking cannabis, but here's how you can avoid them

What do you do when it is your turn? Then you only take one hit from the pipe or bong. If you hit it twice, it's just not decent. Just don't do it. It's like dipping your chips into the salsa twice.


Vaping etiquette is not the same everywhere. If you pull the pen twice in succession during your turn, that is acceptable.

What if you know that a pipe or bong is coming to an end? If there is not much left? Then just let the next person in the circle know. And with a water pipe: don't leave your smoke behind. You wouldn't breathe someone's stale leftovers, so don't do it on anyone else.

Happy toking y'all!