Couch Lock


In this article, we will discuss one of the biggest nuisances to cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients around the globe. Whether a veteran or a newbie in the cannabis world, you need to learn what couch lock is, what causes it and, most importantly, how to prevent it.

What Is Couch Lock?

Couch lock is a term used by stoners to describe a strong feeling of physical sedation brought by cannabis, leaving someone feeling “locked” to the couch.

What Is Couch Lock Effect?

One minute you’re sitting on the couch, enjoying your favorite strain. The effects are starting to come on, but nothing seems out of the ordinary, but then suddenly, your body starts to feel warm and fuzzy, your limbs and head feel heavy, and you start to get the sensation that you’re literally melting on the coach. At this point, you can barely move or talk. That's the couch lock effect

Different users have different descriptions of couch lock effect, some say that they are stuck to the couch as their bodies hove on top; they can see their bodies from above. Funny, right?  No matter what this effect means it's not something you want to experience. It can be scary.

Ways Of Preventing Couch Lock Effect

If you feel the wed is taking a toll in you, you need to cut its effect in you. Various proven methods can help you cut the couch lock effect. Feel free to try some from my list.

1. Assess Your Limits

If you are new to cannabis, you are better off with a lower dose. Avoid strains with high THC and CBD and use a balanced strain instead.

For medical cannabis users, your doctor will access your condition and choose the right treatment for you depending on your age, weight, symptoms and other factors.

2. Use An Appropriate Mode Of Intake

Smoking and vaping are the fastest known ways of consuming cannabis. This is because you’re burning the dried leaves, they will quickly release THC. In addition, by placing the liquid under your tongue, it is a faster way of taking in THC. The area under your tongue has a large number of blood vessels that will instantly absorb marijuana compounds like THC.

Alternatively, you can choose a slower way of consuming your cannabis, and this can be done by taking edibles. Edibles are any kind of cannabis form that you can eat or drink.

 3. Identity Strains That Can Cause Couch Lock

A very important action that should help you avoid this undesirable effect. Hundreds of different strains cause couch lock, and usually they have high CBD and THC. A good example is hash plant. This indica-dominant strain will give you a full-bodied high just like smoking hashish.

4. Take A Moderate Dose

If you are used to taking 200g of strain, reduce the amount by a bit, then increase this according to your need. It is important to note that a moderate dose for some will not be for another.

Take a small amount and wait for an hour to get to know the effects before taking another dose.

5. Use In A Regular Place

One of the best ways to avoid the harmful effects of strong weeds is to use them in an area where you are very comfortable and surrounded by ordinary people.

Those who enjoy the good smoke prefer to use weed at home or in the comfort of a friend's home. Remember that some strains can cause anxiety, mild paranoia, and other side effects, which may be better if you are in a safe environment.

Don't smoke high THC or high CBD at an event. In the event of a bed lock, you may end up suffering from a very high level of stress that can include anxiety, depression and other side effects.

6. Have Someone To Look After You

If you love trying new types of strain, never smoke alone. If you are at a party or attending an event, be with someone who can take care of you. It is common for weed to be passed on, at a party, and you can be given a joint or a type you do not know. 

The other thing is to resist the urge to be ambitious even if you are with your friend. Remember, you don’t know what chemicals are inside the weed.

Always buy your marijuana from a reputable dealer to clear the worries of getting this couch lock.

7. Eat Food Before You Get High

This is true for edibles. If you have ever taken a delicious drink, then chances are you won’t get high unless you consume them in a higher percentage. Your digestive system will import food first before it can process it. This is why professional users prefer to use cannabis drugs on an empty stomach. This will make them enjoy the high feelings best and faster.

How To Beat The Couch Lock Effect

At this point, you already understand what couch lock is, how to prevent it but still wondering how to handle the effect when it hits you. Outlined below are three effective tips on how to deal with it when it strikes.

 • Drink coke

Sugary soft drinks contain glucose, which will help in boosting your insulin levels. This may help you snap out of the couch lock quickly.

• Consume caffeine

Just like sugar, caffeine is great at boosting energy levels. Whether you prefer tea, coffee or even energy drinks such as Red Bull, try to consume a strong cup of caffeine immediately, you feel couch lock kicking.

• Seek out CBD- rich strains

CBD will block CB1 receptors in the brain, which will help minimize the effects of other cannabinoids. If you find that your usual smoke is consistently getting you too stones, consider seeking out strains with higher CBD percentages.

Final Thoughts

Getting high can be awesome but it’s always good. However, you must strive to avert the extremes marijuana will bring to your body. Keeping yourself locked to the couch is one of those effects you don’t want to experience.  Because some cannabis strains have strong seductive properties, which can provide effective relief from insomnia and other sleep issues, you should be careful not to overdo the weed. If you strive to keep weed intake at minimum, you are likely to deal with lock couch effect for good.

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