The potency of cannabis concentrates

The biggest difference between weed flowers and concentrates is the potency and the amount of THC. Although the potency of a flower bud tends to fluctuate between 10 and 25% THC, a cannabis concentrate is usually much stronger in potency and fluctuates between 50 and 80%. Although some exceptional concentrates can even reach more than a dazzling 90%.

These numbers can scare off inexperienced users, and maybe that is for the better. Because if the potency increases, the dosing, and the effects get trickier.

Concentrates have an exceptionally high amount of THC

A mild or CBD-rich concentrate is a good choice for less experienced users. Good to know: not all cannabis concentrates get you high. Another tip: tinctures and hash usually have lower contents of THC compared to other extracts. So, if you are new to concentrates, it might be a good idea to start there and switch to something stronger when you are up for it. Always start with a low dose and work your way up.

Consumption methods of concentrates

Weed buds can be vaped, smoked, and rolled. But that's about it. Cannabis concentrates have a lot more consumption options.


Dabbing is quickly becoming very popular. With dabbing you place a concentrate onto a hot nail and inhale the vape through a piece of glass. By this method, it is easy to get a high dose of cannabinoids. However, with dabbing there is a learning curve and some device requirements, so new users need some patience and practice.


Cannabis oils work a bit like edibles because they have a slow effect and last much longer due to their metabolism.

Cannabis oils usually contain a lot of THC, CBD, or both. So if you are looking out for a non-smoking method - especially for treating medical symptoms - oil capsules may be your method.

Which cannabis concentrates do you use?


Tinctures are a sublingual concentrate. A few drops are placed under the tongue and end up in the bloodstream. They work faster than edibles and absorbable oils, although they are often less powerful.


Hash and oil can also be used like weed buds. Some vapes are compatible with oils, although most portable vape pens are specifically designed for use with certain oil cartridges. Real enthusiasts can even add hash and oil to their bud-packed joints.

Stay amazing, keep blazing!