The origin of cannabis

Marijuana has a very long history behind it. It is estimated that the plant has been cultivated and used by humans for at least 14 thousand years. The medical aspect in particular forms the basis for this. Cannabis for recreational use, so for the euphoric feeling of the high, is something that has only become common good since the 1930s. There are also indications that the plant was already used 30 thousand years ago.

The use of marijuana

Throughout the long history of humanity, the use of marijuana keeps popping up. Many cultures in different parts of the world knew thousands of years ago what the beneficial effects of cannabis could mean for people who were sick or suffering from ailments. Many cultures have become acquainted with the benefits of the herb in history. The marijuana plant has both recreational purposes and medical benefits. In the so-called "enlightened" period in modern times, cannabis was suddenly called the devil, and all the positive properties that the plant has to offer were forgotten. During this time the debate about the use of cannabis is flaring up again, discussions about legalization are ongoing in many countries and lead to new laws, especially in the field of medical use. But still many natural medicines are prescribed instead of natural cannabis with all kinds of unpleasant side effects.

Medical cannabis

Although more and more people and governments realize that cannabis has many health benefits on a natural basis, there are  stil many people with old-fashioned beliefs about the plant and its use. This rigid attitude towards the cannabis plant ensures that not everyone can benefit from all the good that the plant has to offer.

Cannabis legalization

Another issue that arises, as more people and companies see that cannabis is a lucrative business, is that money and profit have become the only drivers. We can say that cannabis has had a turbulent history. And the future will probably become even more dynamic!

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