Moon Rocks Buds

Today we are talking about a heavy hitter. Yeah, that’s right, we’re talking Moon Rocks, also known as Cannabis Caviar.

There is so much going on in the world of cannabis that it’s almost hard to keep up. The days of picking up a bag of some ambiguous, dried out schwag or dirt weed from your older brother’s friend are long over.

What has taken its place? There are too many to count. The cannabis (marijuana, weed) industry has grown astronomically and it’s not expected to slow down soon. According to Forbes, the market is expected to hit $57 Billion by 2027. So what is the modern toker up to nowadays? Well, one thing that is gaining popularity in the world of cannabis is moon rocks.

Moon Rocks weed on white background

What are Moon Rocks?

Prepare yourself because if you like cannabis, then Moon Rocks are a delectable treat.

Traditionally, Moon Rocks start with a dank primo cannabis bud that gets sprayed with or dipped in hash oil and finished off by rolling the hash caked bud in kief shake.

Basically, it’s a big nug covered in concentrate and super-loaded with THC.

While each Moon Rock marijuana will be a little bit different based on the strain you use, here is one thing you can count on: on average each moonrock nug will contain around 50% THC, a staggering level that should leave even the most experienced smokers very pleased.

So from now on, when you hear the term Moon Rocks weed, you can be sure that some type of cannabis concoction with hash oil, THC concentrate and kief were used. That’s why when people ask ‘what are Moon Rocks?’ they get a variety of answers.

Moon Rocks aka Cannabis Caviar aka Weed Caviar aka Caviar Weed.

If you are 420 friendly and know the world of cannabis, then you know in marijuana culture there are generally nicknames for the most popular products and cannabis concepts.

That being the case, it should be no surprise to you that, like most things regarding cannabis, Moon Rocks are not the only name for this wonderful invention. One of the most popular and perhaps most appropriate nicknames for this is heavy hitter is Cannabis Caviar or Caviar Weed.

The names Moon Rocks, Cannabis Caviar, Weed Caviar and Caviar Weed are generally used as synonyms, but some people refer to it as marijuana buds sprayed with hash oil. So next time, when you hear one of these nicknames, you’ll know that it is a nug that packs a powerful punch. Frankly, either way, it’s a great idea and you won’t want to miss out.

Where does the name Moon Rock come from?

The first use of cannabis was recorded somewhere between 2000 BC – 500 BC. For centuries, people have smoked it, burned it, vaped it, ate it, turned it into a concentrate and so on.

The concept of Moon Rocks weed really take cannabis to a new different level. So how did this wonderful idea come to life? Let’s explore.

Marijuana and hip-hop have always been closely related and has a major influence on culture. So it’s no surprise that Moon Rocks were originally founded by Kurupt, the former Executive VP for Death Row Records and Tha Dogg Pound alumni, and musician artist Dr. Zodiak.

Moon Rocks, also known as Cannabis Caviar, do not consist of cannabis alone, but contain weed, pure hash oil and that is covered in a thick layer of trichomes.


Kurupt first met Dr. Zodiak at a Cage vs.Cons event held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 2013. The relationship started out focusing on a music project and mixtape, but it has now flourished into a full-fledged business partnership.

Moonrocks in package

In 2014, Kurupt’s and Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks were launched and along with it, a ‘Moon Rocks Project’ mixtape to help spread their new marijuana innovation. With 23 tracks and major appearances like Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, this mixtape helped bring Moon Rocks to the forefront of cannabis culture.

The two didn’t stop promoting Moon Rocks there. In late 2016, they launched another major mixtape ‘MoonRock Mixtape Volume 2’ with the biggest hip-hop names out there including Snoop Dogg, T.I, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, and Birdman.

Mix tape items like CD's on display

Types of Moon Rock brands and products

The original recipe of Moon Rocks still belongs to Kurupt and Zodiak and that’s why you’ll tend to hear either Kurupt’s Moon Rocks or Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks over any others.

Dr. Zodiak was quoted that the potency of their product is what separates Kurupt’s Moon Rocks weed from the other marijuana products. Proclaimed to be “The Strongest Bud In Your Galaxy.”

“When you hit a Moonrock, it’s going to be like drinking Jack Daniel’s or taking a shot of 151 Bacardi,” Dr. Zodiak says. “A shot of 151 is a lot more strong and intense and you’re going to feel it immediately. That’s a good way to compare Moon Rocks to just normal weed. It’s twice as strong and it’s going to put you on your ass.”

The original Kurupt Moon Rocks use the super strain OG or Killer OG, but that was only the very beginning. They continued to partner up with other rappers affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan such as Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest.

That said, the world of pot licensing isn’t exactly airtight, and there are plenty of variations of similar products out there. Atomik 420 is another company known for making Moon Rocks. They claim to have developed Moon Rocks in 2013 which is in the same timeframe as Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak.

Atomik has a unique CBD strain that comes in at 40.57% CBD and 12.66% THC. A perfect strain to treat chronic pain, body soreness, and insomnia.

Moon Rock prices, how much are they?

Good question! If we are talking about the brand name stuff like ‘Kurupt’s Moon Rocks’ it doesn’t come cheap. The moon rocks weed price per gram is different depending on where you live and currently the average prices range $25-35 a gram. Which is well over market value for a regular gram of weed.

As with most things relating to marijuana, the moon rocks price improves a little bit if you are willing to buy in bulk. The average eighth of moon rocks (3.5 grams) is $100, which saves you around thirty dollars.

Of course, the do it yourself version of moon rocks is going to be a lot more economical, but we will talk more about that a little bit later.

What about the quality and THC in Moon rocks?

The appeal of moon rocks is the quality. Moon rocks’ THC count is generally pretty staggering. The brand name version of this product boasts a THC level of about 60% (to put that in perspective, even really excellent strains of weed generally have a THC level of only 30%).


To put it simply, moon rocks will send you to the moon.


Strong stuff… can I handle it?

Moon Rocks sound incredible but it is probably not for the pot newbie. If you have never smoked weed before starting with Moon Rocks might not be the world’s greatest choice. By all means, stick your head in the dragon’s mouth if you are so inclined, but be prepared. That 50-60% THC level will really wreck you if you aren’t prepared for it.

The high is full bodied and long lasting. You truly feel like you have taken off on a rocket ship, floating in outer space. Moon Rocks is a great way to relax and give your endocannabinoid system a real treat. Make sure you smoke Moon Rocks out of glassware for the best possible flavor and outcome. This stuff is sticky and moist, and rolling it in a joint or blunt might not stay lit. So it would be better to go with glass.

One more word of caution before you go out and find yourself some of this stuff: even Snoop Dogg says that Moon Rocks are too much.

That’s right, the world’s most famous stoner is of the opinion that moon rocks are just too strong. “Moon Rock is too much, dog,” Snoop told Charlamagne tha God on The Breakfast Club. “You don’t wanna start there. It’s too much for me.”


Now, of course, it kind of makes sense to want to try the weed that the king of pot said was too much for him. That makes sense, but don’t go into your smoking experience with any delusions of grandeur: if it’s too much for Snoop Dogg, it’s too much for you as well.

How to make Moon Rocks

The wonderful thing about moon rocks is that any stoner with a little bit of ingenuity can make them, and they can make them for a whole lot less than the $35 a gram you would be spending at a dispensary.

Creating this gooey cannabis concoction is like crafting for adults. It’s fast, fun, and so easy a stoner could do it. Get the glitter and the kief because it is time to make some Moon Rocks.

Moon Rock weed on blue background

What to do with kief

Like most stoners, you have probably wondered what to do with kief as it accumulated in your stash bags and grinders. Well, if you have been saving it you are in luck because that decision pays off when it comes time to start making some Moon Rocks.

If you haven’t been doing such a good job saving the stuff, it is never too late to start. Consider maintaining a designated jar or bag just for kief that you add to anytime you get a new bag of bud, or use your grinder. You should find that before long you have more than enough for this fun little stoney project.

Moon Rocks ingredients:

Best nug or bud ( one or two or three or four)

Hash Oil / Concentrate

Lots of kief

Wood skewer


Small bowl

Paper plate

Making Moon Rocks Step-by-step

Step 1) Lay out the best collection of primo kush you have.

It’s time to select a premium nugget that you would like to rockify. Pick your favorite and carefully add it on the end of the skewer.

Step 2) Now it is time to bust out the hash or oil concentrate and place it in a small bowl.

Submerge the bud into the oil and distribute the amber colored goodness all over the bud. Don’t stop until it is entirely covered.

Step 3) Get your paper plate out and lay equally spread out the kief. Take the skewer of your oil covered bud and roll the extra sticky flower around in kief.

Step 4) Leave your precious Moon Rocks out to dry

If your chosen concentrate is something that needs a little warming to become viscous, heat it up until it becomes less solid and more liquid and either drip the concentrate all over your bud or dip it in the concentrate. Do not forget to use the tweezers or tongs to ensure cleanliness and less waste.

And by the way, you can never have too much kief! The more kief you can acquire for this process the better because you want this bud absolutely covered. Your nug will be totally unrecognizable at this point – that is awesome!

Moon Rocks are a THC lovers paradise.


Time to test the Moon Rocks!

Moon Rocks are a THC lovers paradise. Moon Rock weed may be one of the newer additions to the cannabis community but it is a very welcomed one! You may not have tried it yet, but at least now if you do, you will know what you are getting yourself into.

How to smoke Moon Rocks?

Now, you might be wondering how to smoke moon rocks, but the fact of the matter is that it is pretty straightforward. It’s is possible to roll blunts and joints of Moon Rocks but when smoking Moon Rocks, glass pieces and pipes are usually the best. Why? Because of the kief and the oil, moon rocks generally have trouble staying lit. With a glass, that’s not a problem! And that’s it. Pretty simple, huh? Be safe, and hit that.